i hope she can be in KI in the future. thanks for watching anyway.


I like it definitely one of the most unique concepts I’ve seen on the forums, what kind of playstyle would she have?

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HEAVIES: - (HP) Whips with her hair. medium range. - (HK) Attacks her stings and causes poisoning. medium range.

MEDIUMS: - (MP) Whips with her upper tentacles. medium range. - (MK) Casual hit with her front stings. medium range.

LIGHTS: - (LP) Casual hit with her upper tentacles. short range. - (LK) Casual hit with her back stings. short range.


:arrow_down::arrow_lower_right::arrow_right: + P : Uses her hair as an electric cable. Straight attack. Causes electric shock. Chargeable. - (HP) Antiair. - (MP) Long range. Air OK.

:arrow_down::arrow_lower_left::arrow_left: + P : Grapples with her upper tentacles and causes multiple hits by her stings. Causes poisoning.

:arrow_down::arrow_lower_right::arrow_right: + K : Throws her stings. Projectile. Causes poisoning. Air OK.

:arrow_down::arrow_lower_left::arrow_left: + K : Jumps and makes a circular hit with all of her stings.


LP + LK : Grapples and bites with her tetrapus teeth.

:arrow_left: + LP + LK : Grapples and causes electric shock.

HP + MP + LP : Generates electricity and causes electric shock to anything around her. short range.

:arrow_right::arrow_right: : Forward dash. It can be canceled to jump ( :arrow_right::arrow_right: + :arrow_up: ) or fake ( :arrow_right::arrow_right: + :arrow_left: ). During cancel she disappears and releases ink.

:arrow_left::arrow_left: : Back dash. It can be canceled to jump ( :arrow_left::arrow_left: + :arrow_up: ) or fake ( :arrow_left::arrow_left: + :arrow_right: ). After back dash fake she appears at the back of the opponent.


She can flow like if she was inside water. She moves very fast. All of her moves have bigger range.

*also during her instinct her hair glow, her upper body becomes like

and her tetrapus body does this


She sings.


Her stage is an air-trapped crystal cave at the deep of the ocean near Atlantis. Something like


She could be connected to Tusks creation story

Also her name means wide sea.

Her stage Ultra could be being crushed or impaled by the giant crystals or being grabbed by a giant sea monster preferably a Kraken.

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I thought of an ultimate were the whole stage becomes black except of a single light… and the we all know what happens

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