Eternal Darkness 2 / Shadow of the Eternals

Any fans of the cult survival horror game on here?

Years ago, the original devs tried to bring back the series as Shadow of the Eternals - but the kickstarter failed due to Kotaku ‘being Kotaku.’

The devs said the project would continue under some new partnership/arrangement.
And it has as Quantum Entanglement Entertainment.

They started up a youtube channel a few months back with vids about game design and the industry. Tbh I was expecting some kind of reveal with the Nintendo NX, due to Nintendo renewing the Eternal Darkness trademark - three times so far (2013/14 and 15.)

However today the teaser video just hit their channel.

It looks like the same footage used for the kickstarter, but it’s good to know the game is on the way.
Hopefully we’ll see more at E3? I hope it has all the crazy insanity effects, they were fun.

I was a big fan of Eternal Darkness (my brother was insane for it). But this has been a bit of a cluster for a while. I hope it turns out well but I’m not too optimistic.

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I was too scared to play this game back in the day.

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I loved Eternal Darkness! Great story. Cool visuals. Make you see cockroaches on your screen! What’s not to love!

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I’m sorry but that was a really poor excuse for a “gameplay demo”. Walking around the same room for 5 minutes looking at books, then back to cutscenes.

I’m a big fan of ED, but until I see some actual gameplay I’m remaining unimpressed so far.
(and the horrid voice acting from Erzibet, wowsers)

Visually it looks nice, but that’s about it so far.

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@BigBadAndy I hope so too, it’d be good to see the game make a comeback, there isn’t much else like it.

@BoJima404 @WebNRaGnArOk That’s what made it special, it’ll be fun to see what insanity effects they can come up with on the new consoles.

@TrustfulWhale The gameplay looks pretty basic but it’s the same footage from the Kickstarter from 2013. Hopefully the final game will be much improved. On the other hand I suspect the studio isn’t large - there’s been no word on funding - so it’s hard to tell the scale of the project.

They’ve released another video today on the making of ED’s magic system if you’re interested.

Stuff I’ve seen from comment section is that the game never ceased development, but it’s been hard for them to get things back on track after the failed kickstarter. Also they’ve mentioned Nintendo as a ‘good fit’ for the game.