Escaping corner pressure

I am still kind of new with Aria and I have still lots of issues escaping from corners. Assuming you are on the defense and being cornered, any tips as to her best options? I feel like her fastest normals don’t have enough reach at times. Also, calling assists doesn’t seem to work well as a defensive (escape) option, but I could be wrong.

Hit them with a well timed Shadow Counter, Try grabbing unsafe stuff, and Be sure to poke a lot. I’d have to play Aria in order to get a better understanding, but these are the basic things.

If you are in the Drone body…HP Advance or whatever it is that goes straight up. or fly up and over them.

Blade body, DP uppercut

Bass body…light kick into light fireball kick…or throw…or shadow fireball

I just stay away from the corner and use all her skills for keeping your oppenent at bay

Thanks, I use standing lp and crouching lk or mk a lot but only mk reaches far enough.

I currently switch to booster when getting pushed back. Mainly the diagonal one as it allows me to switch sides. The vertical one keeps me kn the corner. Also Blade body dp isn’t as good as I hoped when trapped in the corner.

You are right about not getting into the corner in the first place, though.

The vertical one may keep you in the corner but it’s the only one with invincibility, you’ll get hit out of the medium one a lot. Once the heavy one hits do a jump cancelled light crescendo and you’ll fly all the way back to midscreen faster than they can get up from the knockdown. Her blade DP is also just as good as any other dp when it comes to stopping pressure.


Yes, true. I was trying directly to do the jump cancelled horizontal crescendo but with little success. That vertical crescendo is necessary, but I feel opponents expect it.

Other bodies are even tougher to escape with when put in the corner.

My dp probably isn’t timed well enough because I am beaten a lot by my opponent’s dp.