Error with purchase packs

i recently purchase a jago figure and redeem the color code via, but when went back home i noticed that the new color wasnt available, not even in the my games and apps section. Try tu put the code again and it says its been used.

i run the game, get into the game and into the manage menu, uninstalling and installing again and nothing…

the option on my xbox of Keep my games & apps up to date is checked

any thoughts??

go to manage game, and install the file
Not games and apps …MANAGE GAME

Does it show the COLOR file in manage game? DO you have 2 Xbox’s in your home? Profiles?

Thanks for the reply!!!, its kind of weird because when i get into manage it doesnt show anything just the game, but i think i get the color now is this it???:

its also showing the gargos gold pack that i purchase but only in the game, not in “manage”.

I only have 1 xbox and 1 progfile btw

Yes that’s it! Color 10 is a Brown/ badge Jago color!
That’s it!
The electric Jago figure gives you a Camo pant Jago…super cool!

Do you have an external hard drive? Sometimes files get separated in between internal drive and external drive . You can filter in the manage game/ manage files section.