Epic Come Back

I’ve done it again! Defied the laws of nature and refused to give in! All in all, I was goofing off at first, believing that the individual I was playing against was a noob. I learned really fast that Tusk is bad business. Needless to say the guy was screaming obsenaties in my head phones by the time the match was over. The salt was real.


Wow. You escaped a few hits by just MILIMETERS!

Sadira’s life must have been flashing before her eyes.

Great job.

I’ll give it a 1/10 - not enough 100% damage Salticide Combos.

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Awesome job! I would definitely not be happy to lose that kind of a life lead!

I don’t know enough about either character yet to really be able to suggest what he could’ve done to prevent that, but wow, it was something.

I really respect the amount of manual dexterity it must take to play Sadira well, because I just can’t make any of her aerial stuff work.

That corner pressure :slight_smile:

Astounding comeback, dude. Good mix of aggression and patience.

Thanks everyone! It sort of reminds me of that epic come back I did fighting Kan Ra. I can imagine both players saying, “Just one more hit! Just one more freaking HIT!”

I’m surprised that I haven’t seen a “Nefr Sdreraa, Shi’s Onion!” Threads… :smiley:

That was INSANE.

Sadira, my top 3 main. That instinct is NO JOKE. this right here is miles beyond any street fighter or mortal Kombat match.

Pure heaven.


Yeah, that Instict is pure awesomeness

I keep telling people that her Instinct is quite possible the most dangerous in all the cast. While IG did nerf the web damage a bit, I can still honestly take an entire life bar, once I pop Instinct. I keep rewatching that vid thinking that at any moment I’m going to get hit and die.

If Street02 does any more Epic Comeback vids, I’m definitely submitting this one. :smiley:

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This is exactly why I join a chat party by myself, make it invite only, and mute it before I start playing. I can’t stand people that do that.
sorry for going off topic

I do mute myself because I myself tend to rant at the TV, but in truth the screams of other people generally don’t bother me. It only means I’m doing what I’m supposed to. :smiley:

I keep hearing salt about Tusk. He doesn’t play the game? What do you think, @WebNRaGnArOk ?

Tusk is the type of character that people will get accidental wins with, simply because he can take an entire life bar with very few resources. The evidence is in the vid above. In all respects the person that I’m playing isn’t very good. He is able to open me up a couple of times, but that is literally all he needed. Even novice Jagos will open me up here and there or hit me with a DP. The big difference, is that those Jagos will only get about 30% out of my life bar, versus Tusk getting 79%.

I’ve played skilled Tusks before, and at that point he becomes incredibly powerful. Is he over powered? Only time will tell. As for myself, I find him the most balanced of the entire S3 cast, with Kim Wu falling behind him by a little. Arbiter is stupidly over powered once he gets all of his resources, but that is why he is still considered balanced… without Instinct or meter he starts to lag behind.

Rash on the other hand… I can see him getting some tweaks down the road. I was playing a few sets with a Pro player using Rash. He was stomping the crap out of my Sadira. He kept taunting and such like he was just really skilled. I then picked Rash and then won a match without even having really played him. I did it to prove a point. Rash is in a really good place right now.

Nice one. I am learning Sadira at the moment (still a noob). =P

Well then, welcome to the fold! She’s incredibly fun to use and seriously has some of the coolest looking set ups in the entire game.

If ya need help we have several threads in the Sadira forums. You can ask us anything. We’ll be glad to help.

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Very good work, I love Sadira. She and Orchid are my “mains” (pretty much equally). I do, however, have problems against Tusk, Riptor, Fulgore and Spinal when I play as Sadira. I’ll keep in mind what you’ve done against that Tusk for my future matches against him, because he normally just wrecks me (“normally”, I.E.: as soon as the Tusk player is half-way decent, then I’m gone in no time). In fact, Maximillian Dood finished his " Week of Tusk " videos and I’m not even sure if he fought even just ONE Sadira in his entire run (I haven’t watched all the videos from start to finish though, maybe he did). I’d have loved to see Max taking on an equally-good Sadira (because Max is just incredible with Tusk).

Anyway, good work!

The big secret for dealing with Tusks is pressuring him. His moves are incredibly slow and so if Sadira is continuously on top of him, then it becomes an incredibly hard match for him. The best place for Sadira to be is right above his head, as you’re gonna stop him from using some of his best moves. The worse place you can be with him is mid range as he’ll be able to simply knock you out of the air.

I saw Max fight only one Sadira during his “Week of” and it was in the first video, if I remember correctly. The Sadira in question felt sort of newish though, so she really wasn’t a challenge to him at all. In fact Max made a comment that Tusk might be a bad match up for Sadira, but in my experience, I don’t think so. I find him about as difficult as fighting a decent Aganos and I approach him just like Aganos.