Enough development time? Will there be bugs at launch?

Let me start off by saying i was round since the double helix days when the “go to jail” bug happened. If either you or your opponent quit the game both players were sent to jail to play with the other rage quitters and it was a one time offense to get there.

This post is mainly addressing the bugs that were persistent through each patch EX:
Arganos: had issues all the way up to arias patch and beyond that even
Spinal gave opponent meter
jago infinate manuals after combo assist
sadira infinate ultras
hisako infinate ultra and corner command grab

I can go on for ever. the point im trying to make is that SE3 seems pressed for lack of time. Ex: voice work not done, effects not finalized , again i can go on and on.

During these finals weeks are you guys concerned about a possible unplayable/unfair game after launch hits?
I am aware that the fine folks who play the game report bugs and were all test subjects ultimately.
Im just legitimately concerned that they have to much work and not enough QA.
Lots can go wrong
flip out mechanic
stagger mechanic
all the nerfs and buffs to all playables
redone shadow effects
recording for new voice work (chris)
Dynamic themes integrated into each stage (pick a tune)
not to mention 4 released characters, all with issues of their own and how those properties work with or against the current cast.

I dunno guys, Im really worried. If the past patches have been an indicator.
Not to mention they havent even announced a price. It all just seems a mess before it even releases.

whats ur guy’s n girl’s thoughts or experiances?


I’m not worried at all. Don’t feel the need to form an opinion on a game I haven’t even played yet.


Yes, we have encountered many issues & bugs that severely hurt the game’s integrity.

That said, the team has had a quick response to the ones that were making the game nearly unplayable like Jago’s infinite linkers and Hisakos unlimited Ultra.

Some, like the Sadira 80% damage off of her web during instinct and reset was something they knew and were working towards removing. They main reason why I noticed they didn’t remove it was because the balance changes in S3 would already remove her ridiculous unbreakable level four ender.

The only real issue I noticed that they had trouble with was TJ’s overhead linker, but even they they removed it and left TJ in a fair place.

I know bugs will come, but I also know fixes and patches will also. The game is in great hands - I know they can get to it before it ever reaches a level of unplayable.


ya man, they did a great job with the bugs u mentioned above. just remember that those fixes were character specific and easy fixes to more or of a lesser degree.

this time however they are almost stripping the game to its core and starting over. not quite that dramatic but u get the idea. do I have faith in them? yes, but I also know the past is something to consider. just multiply the past issues by 10? I hope not and hence why in asking people.

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They managed to take over S2 with all the issues and upcoming changes with little experience of KI. Divekick is good but no KI. If they can patch more gameplay changes and adjust to the tradition of core changes from S1 to S2, then I don’t see a reason they can’t now with even more experience.

Still, I do agree on the scale but I’m confident that they will endure. Come S3 we will know if they are able to manage the core changes. Knock on wood that all goes well.

You’re continuously seeing a work in progress. Which they have stated before.

Let’s put this into perspective then:

  • New lighting effects (done)
  • Relighting the characters to each stage (nearly complete)
  • 4 fully fleshed out characters (nearly complete)
  • 3 all new stages (nearly complete)
  • Character balances (17 characters - done)
  • Shadow move VFX (in progress)

Can we please make up our minds on what the majority want? People have said “We would like something like the distribution of S1!” and now because of a lack of stating a price you’re saying it’s rushed? Sorry for being a little colorful, but come on.

Gamescom had us beta test Rash who felt nearly complete with just one missing linker move. They have been at work on this since last summer (U.S. wise).

You should let them worry about QA and more worried on what you can control and for most of us, that is helpfully and constructively suggesting feedback to the game. Have faith. They delivered a character a month for 7 months straight in S2, each with a stage, theme, and balances to said character.

Bugs occur, sure. Let’s not forget that Vega has an infinite jump on some glitch using his V-Trigger that essentially times out the round. They will be promptly taken note of and mitigated in a prompt manner to which it can be submitted for release onto our consoles.


uno sorrys are needed for your opinion.
the facts are that every SE2 patch caused issues. EVERY single one. the bugs they caused and the severity varies depending on who u played with.

the facts are IG had a hard time learning a new engine and as a result took the lighting out of the game. between MS evolving onslaught of updates, APIs and OS changes and how the game handles them. wether that’s, hey make sure KI supports 16 player chat, or hey we’re changing this and that. did they deliver? more or less, ya.

did that deliverance come at a cost? u bet it did.

all your assumptions of “100 complete” or “done” or “check mark”. don’t mean anything if they cause the game to be in a broken state. broken, I mean anything that causes unfairness that wasn’t intentional or just Dosent work correctly.

and FYI. IG does basic bug fixes but 90% of the bugs are found by its player base and IG does that intentionally.

and to the last point u made. I didn’t pretend to control anything or have control period.
I’m relying on past experiences while u seem to be focused on a check list that might need to be revisited several times to make it right.

will it be perfect? no and I’m cool with that. why don’t you go ask people who still can’t get shadow labs to work or people with corrupted saves and all progress is lost. these issues still occur and without a fix in sight. again these things point to a messy launch but that’s just me talking to myself :blush:

The bug volume found and squashed in internal testing absolutely dwarfs the number of significant, priority 1 bugs found in the wild after release. Your statement is patently false.

Yes, stuff slips through. In every piece of software, ever. And especially in games software, as they are exceedingly complex.


uwow, star struck.

I never stated priority 1 bugs. those are the sore thumb bugs u guys catch. my statement stands as the bigger picture which imo is correct. simply due to the vastness of the player base stress testing these things. people like Infilament and that other dude who post potentially broken things almost everyday. well actually it’s been pretty silent in the ol’ bug forum but only cause we have bigger things to occupy us :blush: and if that’s the one arguable fallacy out of that mess of a structured format I posted, I am happy :wink:

It may be Season 3, but it is still technically “game #1” For modern KI.

In only ONE title, Killer instinct has become competition for Tekken, StreetFighter, Marvel, Smash, MK, and others.

When you consider how amazing this game is for the situations, competition, and restraints it has faced, I think we should all be very happy it is in the state it is in.

Currently, the “bigger” games are beginning to get lazy, greedy, and controlling with their fans. While IG is only getting better and better with time; interacting with us every day, and considering feedback on every thread.

A SINGLE person can get an answer from a developer any day on these forums, but in big games like SFV it takes THE WHOLE FANBASE just to get one bad feature changed.

I think dealing with a few bugs every now and then is an OK trade off if it means avoiding complete isolation from the devs. Tournaments go on everyday without an issue, so IG must be doing pretty OK based on that.


that’s why the tournament pro like the games to settle in for a month or so without updates or patches. that’s because they know what’s broken and what isn’t. a lot of the things I refer to aren’t even noticed until higher level play comes into it and the mechanics fail. it’s also more obvious when these bugs happen and cause the opponent to chip ur life bar and it’s a loss. I’ve seen things where the shadow effect fire off but no animation takes place. and many many more instances.

but yea its great to see game devs offer the same interaction between forum goers that brick and mortar have been offering for 100’s of years. games still act as if they don’t have any responsibility to its consumers. “oh, u bought alien colonial marines”? no refunds F you. steam has a refund policy and that’s nothing but pro consumer. You’re not impressed by IG’s interaction with fans, you’re impressed by hopefully the future of how all devs treat their customers.

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read above forgot to reply, I’m old and slow :blush:

That last sentence was totally wrong. I know what i meant. And Steam is NOT a good example of customer service. Their community is a joke, their forums are a joke, their tech support is a joke, and their feedback acceptance is a joke.

Why do you think Pro gamers and popular youtubers have to go public on twitter to get Steam to communicate with them? Its because Steam has no way for consumers to REALLY interact with the players.

Valves biggest game was made by the COMMUNITY, it’s DLC was made by the COMMUNITY, and they make BILLIONS of dollars selling pointless skins that were made by the COMMUNITY.



our community is so passionate, I adore it. I truly do.:heart:

I just referred to steams refund policy as an example of pro-consumer. not the whole kitten kaboodle.

so anyways, so far im hearing, KI is in great shape for where it is as a game and I agree as a whole. I’m just concerned that time is always our enemy.

If you remember the DH days then you must remember week one of launch everyone thought the game was broken and that their should be a huge patch instantly. DH just stood by and waited like a month or two before making a patch and that patch didn’t even change much. Basically they told everyone to deal with what people thought was “broken” and that’s the meta of KI to this day. A lot of things that would be broken in other games works fine in KI. Am sure a lot of people will think a lot of things in the new season will be broken, it’s just dealing with the new season and playstyle.

Yes there could be bugs, it does look like they are still in development and that could cause for some day one bugs. Hopefully they test well and on multiple PC settings. Gears of War had a small hinder with AMD.

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lol. ya i remember the month of jail. ha!

I see ur post frequently and from player to player, thank you and all the other people who spend time here.

I guess I can sum up my concerns like this. bit for bit (as in computer bit) were getting almost the same amount of content as the entirety of season 2 with obvious trade offs.
I’m just saying it seems like a lot of content that hasn’t been stress tested by large groups of players. so by that logic I’d say round about 13 patches for season 2. we’re basically getting all that at once. see what I mean. that’s why I mentioned all the SE2 patches caused issues. see what I mean?

lol. I just re-read ur post and u basically just said the same thing. opps. but yea. weather I buy SE3 or not, I’m still in the same boat.

Instead of worrying I choose to look forward to S3. Critical bugs get ironed out fast.


So may I ask what was the deal with the Riptor stage ultra music bug where it played Orchids sounds? Clearly such a bug would have been found and eliminated before release?

Unless of course this was one of those time constraint deals where MS were trying to shove everything through the door at once.

Something that would happen less I feel had MS given you more time to find these bugs

One of the challenges of fighting games in general is that the players tend to do absolutely everything you can possibly do and they do it right away. So even small bugs or minor gameplay inconsistencies are discovered pretty quickly. That’s good but it makes people think the game is especially buggy.

I’m not sure we can say S3 is particularly rushed based in the schedule they maintained for S2… SFV was rushed, lol. Yes, there will be bugs in S3. But I wouldn’t expect an alarming number based on the schedule and the amount of content. I’m not particularly worried about that compared to other games of earlier seasons of KI.

ya Andy. you should make a custom shirt that reads, “keep calm and fight on”.

I want credit if anyone jacks my idea!

I guess I’m looking at this issue and trying be a smart consumer but supporting IG by buying shirts and other things. to be honest tho, I don’t want to support a season that was rushed out of the door at a detriment to its player base. I’m unsure so I’m hitting people up in the forums.