Enhanced Mark III - Fulgore Combo Thread

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(Draws pinky finger to side of mouth) We need more freaking laser beams for these combos!

Do you want me to do a nearly full screan one chance break 20-30% percent damage one chance break with some meter? Very situational.

Any and all submissions are welcome.

Got it. I will upload it once I can.

This is the best thread description so far!

how’s this? .3.

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I think this should cover some laser beams.


now this is impressive. The only thing I can do that can even come anywhere near this is just cancelling the hype beam at the end of an ultra… Any tips on how to get these large amounts of shadow meterwould be much appreciated.

Is your GT the same as the forum? I can go over anything Fulgore. Its all in the pip generation timing for the most part. I have Fulgores ultra record at 141 for Season 2 but I also have Rashs record, Sabrewulfs, Shadow Jagos, and Tusks.

It is indeed. I@m not sure when I’ll be available to work through these, but I’d be interested and could note it down for the KICG

Style has to be acquired through mastery of a character. Learning proper timing of pip generation cannot be taught anyways. It is something that comes with playing him for a long time.


Very cool combos but a little heavy on the pips. Im in the process of writing up a guide again. Hopefully its well received this time. :slight_smile: i just need time to do it. Next week might have some time.


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Great for full screen punishes

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Aww. Someone else figured out the Heavy Laser into Heavy Fireball loop :frowning:

It is definitely situational but cool to see. I used it to chip a guy out. 8-10% unbreakable damage to take the round.

I barely found out how to do this by trying to find a way for a 93% unbreakable that Japan “supposedly” knows about. Just started thinking projectiles at first/pip cancels.
Sadly this isn’t it. The unbreakable part I think still comes from a S2 bug that allows for auto triples to be UNBREAKABLE. Still trying to figure out that 93% one chancer.

93% from Fulgore? That would be a huge stretch. He usually varely scratches 50-55 with 2 meter. If you have a starting point I would love to help

Well I asked an team mate who found the unbreakable autos, and he confirmed it was patched. So that’s out the question. Gonna ask/mess around and see what I can find.

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