End of Ki content?

So the DE edition says 26 characters so does that mean no bonus 9th character and what was the point of a survey if they are making this edition now. Unless this is the definitive version of the first three season and they are going to take a year break before coming back to it. Thoughts?

The polls could be a thing for a new KI game for the new Microsoft console. But yeah, it does seem like S3 is the last of the game’s major updates. I think it’s a good thing since KI does needs some work done on it so a new season wouldn’t make sense. Hopefully they fix some bugs and get the game balanced. :slight_smile:

I suspect this is the end of KI. No more big stuff after S3 is over. Which is fine. Let them do a few more tournies then in…say…2019 they can announce KI2.

That way KI got a good 6 year running, IG gets their profits and kept their game good, fans are happy and await the next game. Sounds like a win-win to me.

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