Encountering the same players

Is there a way to check how many players are on at the same time? I feel like I’ve been encountering the same people for the past few months. Killer Instinct is the only game I’ve been playing the most since 2013 and I hope it never becomes a ghost town. Do you guys have any advice how to not be bored while playing?

On Xbox/Win10 version? No. The Killer leaderboards can give a rough idea of how many people who are Killers have played for the month, but that’s the best rough approximation you can make as far as I know, and it won’t capture Bronze-Gold players or folks who are Killers but just manage to lose every match. Won’t capture any folks who choose to play in Exhibition either.

Play different characters would be my main thing, as well as asking for sets from the people you run into online you have good matches with.