Enable Easy Combo Breaker

We should be able to press down and start during the Vs screen to enable easy combo breakers. I have trouble reading and reacting to high punch and high kick auto-doubles. We should just be able to press any button repeatedly to break a combo. And remove the exclamation point . I’m trying to break a combo, not make my opponent excited.

I know there are counter combo breakers but I don’t know how to do them. Like I’ll be Glacius using high kick auto doubles and when it’s time to do the counter breaker a big flash continues the combo because I’m mashing buttons, then I’ll get it a second time within the same combo.

Also, there should be an Ultra Combo Breaker to stop these long disrespectful back to back Ultras. The input should just be 1 button, like I’ll press X and the combo ends.

Lol hell no


It seems like some of this will be possible in some form in the multiplayer mode based on Shadow Lords that’s coming later in the year.

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Hell yes! Makes sense with combo assist.

That would be abused to high heavens. Give justifications to yell “Oh, mash combo breaker!” -Lowti3rgod

IF it were to happen, only in local VS or arcade.


I do like the idea of the easier combo breaker. As it stands its a mater of timing and recognition. Somehow you are supposed to be able to tell the difference between a high, medium, or low punch or kick and break with the same kind, but you have to do it before the second hit lands. I would like a little more time to recognize and execute. As for the ultra breaker, absolutely not. As it is the multiple ultras are also a matter of timing, and landing the recapture between ultras are their own reward, one that I haven’t even figured out. The multiple ultras are not meant to be disrespectful, its meant to be a savory victory. It only looks insulting when your on the receiving end, so boo boo for you, you lost.

if you have trouble combo breaking there is a mode Called combo breaker training. if you need help go there and train. creating easy breaks literally breaks the game. several characters main strength is having hard to break combos but doing lower damage.

on the topic of counter breaker your supposed to Predict the breaker not use it after the flash. also you should probably stop mashing…just a bit…just a bit.

mashing is like fighting blind irl. you just dont do it or you will get rocked by someone who knows what to do.
the faster you understand exactly what every button does in your charecter the better off you will be

Thanks for the tip. I have found and used the combo breaker training mode, but tbh I dont find it very helpful. Another thing i have issue with is the shadow counter. If you manage to trigger the announcement “shadow counter” it should land and stick. But it has happened to me far too often that I trigger shadow counter gat the announcement and it doesn’t land or doesn’t stick or just take my meter and I get penalized for it in my shadow data.

it uses the charecters specific shadow move. so if your shadow move gets stuffed then thats probably what happened. shadow counters usually are used after a move that hits twice then stops. like jago round house kick or fulgore down lazor attack. it hits twice. shadow counter it and the shadow move will hit jag(or whatever charecter) at the end of his attack unable to stuff or block your shadow move

It seems like players get too salty with your Glacius. Or that I feel when I see your threads

I really hope this is another troll thread.

Oh well.


I agree, and also I think there should be an instant fight button. At the start of a match, both players race to press the “x” button. The one who presses it first gets to watch their character body the opponent’s character.

This game is seriously too hard #keitsplz


There are numerous “tells” when it comes to breaking light, medium, and, heavy (I bolded this because I don’t want it to be confused with the word high, which indicates WHERE it hits, not HOW it hits, such as with high-low mixups) auto-doubles:

  1. Your opponent’s animation.
  2. Your own animation as you get hit.
  3. The speed of the attack.
  4. The sound of the attack as it hits.
  5. Your or your opponent’s voice as they get hit/deliver the hit.

You can even use these very same methods to also learn how to read and break manuals, linkers, shadow moves that are used as linkers, and enders during opener-ender combos.

The reason it’s hard is simply because the game has a very large cast, as do most other FGs, and it’s a lot to memorize or figure out over time. I learned the ADs character by character simply by going into practice and doing each character’s ADs myself for, like, 30 minutes, and then breaking them as they were performed using the record function. I did this before there was even a combo-breaker mode too, which can actually help you recognize it under pressure, or during mixups, and is wonderfully customizable to your skill level (so use it, and adjust to it!). You simply need to break it down into baby-steps so it won’t seem so daunting and go from there (similar to how you would break down music, for example).

I recommend you learn the heavy ADs 1st, since they’re the slowest and most damaging. Then work on learning the mediums. Also, learn each character 1 at a time, starting with the characters you have the hardest time with. Unlike the medium and heavy ADs, light ADs are NOT reactable, which means if you see it, you’re already too late to break it and will likely get a timing lockout, but you still need to learn how to see it so you can more easily identify your opponent’s patterns to break it as he does it, rather than as you see it (in other words, all light ADs are basically guess-breaks). They’re the hardest, since they’re so fast, but they do very little damage and add the most to the KV meter, meaning their combo will be shorter and potentially blow out, or drop, the combo without cashing out the damage with an ender.

ADs are easily identifiable because your opponent will always hit you twice, as part of an AD (which is why it’s called an auto-double - with 1 button, they automatically hit you twice) and it will also follow an opener or linker (openers are special moves at the beginning of the combo or jump-in attacks* and linkers are always special or shadow moves). Conversely, manuals only hit you once, but do less damage, and are as hard to break as light ADs, if not moreso (but there are other rules that govern them and help make them easier to break). Linkers usually hit anywhere between 1-10x depending on strength, character and move used - generally speaking though, the more hits, the heavier it hits; lights only hit a few times and heavies always hit more.

I recommend you learn the opponent’s animations for breaking ADs, since those are the most reliable, and for the medium and heavy reactable ADs, you can read it BEFORE it hits you, giving you a larger window to break the move. You can learn fewer animations by observing your own character, but then you have to wait until the hit, which gives you a smaller window. Listening to the audio is somewhere in the middle and is only recommended if you’ve got good ears or are willing to adjust your audio settings, such as turning off the music. Learning by the speed of the move is largely the hardest method, but if you can learn it, your break speed will be virtually instantaneous.

*there are a few special exceptions to this rule such as Tusk and Glacius, who have some normals that act as openers.

In regards to an instant break button, 1 of 2 things would happen if this was implemented:

  1. it would break the game as it would completely eliminate the need for reads or even guessing, and basically be an auto-read button.
  2. it would do nothing, because it would not be an “auto-break” as you would still need to break using a different button for each strength.**

**this actually already exists in the game with the right joystick on your controller - simply press down to break light, left or right t9 break medium, or up to break heavy ( and it can be disabled in the options menu under controls).


If you’re having trouble breaking combos, go to Combo Breaker Training. It exists specifically to help you train to get better at combo breaking, so I advise you use it.
Plus, after a while it should be relatively easy to identify Heavy Auto-Doubles regardless of the character, since most have a pretty easy rhythm to spot.

Having the ability to break a combo regardless of strength and timing would remove the purpose of combos all together. There would be literally no reason not to do Opener>Counter-Breaker every time you open someone up.

Combo Assist is not just an “easy mode”. It’s designed to help people who don’t have the execution to do consistent combos to get past the difficulty of input so they can get to learning how to break properly and improve their neutral (i.e. the important parts of getting good at KI).

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This is a joke, right?




lmao this is too much. this definitely brought a well worth smile to my face

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Combo Breaker training is great. I recommend it!

Keep in mind that, the more you break higher are the chances of getting a combo breaker in the face (you do a counter breaker pressing mid P+K in the middle of the combo), and that will force a 70% combo trough your throat most of the times. You do not need to break all the time, so you need to try a break when you have a good ready of the opponent. Also, if you can break the combos every time there will be no propose in have a combo system in the game and everybody will start to play like we did in SFII .

Just take a look on what easy and constant combo breakers can do to you…

And this:

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