Emporium Error


I recently bought 20$ USD worth of KI points for Shadowlords, was going to buy some Packs but when i tried to buy a Killer Pack, or the crimson one, i get an Error message saying “Error cannot connect to steam, Please try again later” why is this happening? can somone please help.

When i go to store, it let’s me spend those same points on bonus exp… so they points work but i can’t buy any packs, what am i doing wrong?

Also! when i go to do match making, it just searches forever! an never finds a match that’s for ranked or social play. I have the most up to date version of window’s 10, i bought the game through steam when it was on sale last black friday. & my drivers are up to date.


i have the same problem, i have try over a month to use my gold on Pack from Shadowlords mode, but always i get the same Error “cannot connect to steam”, could you please fix this, also fix the ready to body achievement, it’s the only broken achievement in the game.