Embracing my Tuskness

Been doing a lot of recording lately. Partly for my own uses and partly just to upload them and let them loose into the digital mass.

So mostly these just show a relative progress of what I’ve been up to since I started KI a week ago (coming away from MKX).

First video is just me actually trying my hand against other people. Tusk felt the most comfortable in the lab so I decided to pick him up. Simple as that.

When I first looked hard at KI around Evo last year I resolved to try Hisako when the PC version came out. When I have a fuller grasp of the game I’ll come back to her. But for now my first attempt at it didn’t really work out.

First recorded matches where I felt like I knew at least something of what I was doing. Nothing advanced or really even intermediate. I start combos and properly end them.

More of the same but a bit more entertaining since they’re closer to my level and ability.

This is where I really start embracing my Tuskness. I start making actual use of his staggers and see real weaknesses in my own gameplay I need to fix.

Some of the qualifier matches to start in ranked. Results were about as I expected.

So the agenda?

~Learn to get Tusks specials out like breathing. I have a DP I never use, air skull splitters I never use and tend to mis-input spine splitter when I don’t mean to.

~Get more aware of when I have meter and use it. I tend to win games easily when an opponent kindly accepts a s.HP in the face.

~Utilize immortal spirit better. I can run through projectiles and use it as a mix up

~learn the sound of heavy/med/light ad’s. My main jam is FPS games where sound can often give more info than sight. This way I can stop guessbreaking half as much.

~Instinct better. Most of the time I have it all it does is make the opponent more cautious. That’s nice, but not as nice as turning one of those stagger combos into an entire life bar worth of death.

Any thoughts or advice form more experienced players is absolutely welcome. Or share your own progress

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