Embrace the Animal Instinct - Sabrewulf Tech Thread

The dog has a hankering for some tech

Lol. Filling up fast.

Flip out is such a strong tool for wulf. Damn, it’s delicious.

Right now, my offense is mainly one or two chance breaks, short combos, into juggle ender. From here, I can go straight for c.LK flip out, or c.MK/c.HK > LP/MP/HP ragged edge to extend the combo and get a lockout for someone trying to break the flip out, and then flip out. Throw in a CB here and there once you see them trying to break after the juggle ender to scare them off of it, and it’ll ■■■■■ up their minds.

From flip out we have so many options that it’s ridiculous. I’ll list the few I’m using most commonly, taking into account that variation is the key to success here, IMO. Not creating patterns, simply deciding on the spot which setup you’ll want to use, and keep changing it up randomly.

c.LK > throw
c.LK > dash through > throw
c.LK > s.HK
c.LK > leaping slash
c.LK > c.MP > s.HP confirm
c.LK > overpower
c.LK > dash through > c.LP > s.MP confirm

After getting thrown, and then eating a s.HK to the face trying to tech the throw and after eating an overhead, the opponent will start trying to jump out of the flip out, which means you should go for perfect meaty setups after the flip out. Overpower is perfect for this because of its fast startup and awesome frame adv in case it gets blocked.

Another setup I haven’t yet tested in game from lack of time, but which seems really good in theory and from what I could try it out in the lab, is using feral cancel.

c.LK > run can be FC’d after the flip out to be at the front or back of your opp to time a meaty c.LP creating a super ambiguous left/right meaty situation for full combo.

You also get the hability to c.LK > hamstring > FC > overpower to mix up with the leaping slash while remaining at + frames. For this one you can’t cancel the c.LK into run, though, you need to time it after the c.LK’s animation ends.

I haven’t had so much fun with wulf in a long time. Between the new oki with his dive kick to crossup > low or hit in the front and the new flip out options, together with his already amazing oki mixups and frametraps, I think wulf can basically go 100% for 1 chance or 2 chance breaks and flip out/hard KD and never lose the pace with long combos or risk losing momentum being broken often.


Been practicing this and it is soooo filthy.

I find it easiest to use hamstring FC’d if I want to cross up, and just regular uncanceled run into FC if I want to remain in front


Yeah it’s amazing, really. There’re so many options after flip out that it can be overwhelming to decide on the spot which one to go for at the same time as you take care not to become too obvious with the flip out itself. Takes some getting used to, and some grinding with the muscle memory, but it really pays off. Not only is it super fun, it’s also damn effective.

s.HK is also a stupid good tool, even in combos, not only as a Meaty or throw tech punishing tool. The fact we can have a medium manual FC’d into it, and then a medium or heavy manual again is awesome. Baits lock outs very well and gives us a lot of time to confirm the lockout into a couple rabid doubles for good damage. With 2 awesome heavy manuals to work with in terms of FC combos, which have such a different timing to be broken, FC combos got a lot better IMO, making up for the dmg loss from the instinct nerf.

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That’s so dirty! I love it.

You didnt even mention options using backdash, these option would work great on opponents that want to be aggressive on flipout and choose to mash lights or instinct cancel into shadow move.

backdash>eclipse, backdash>h.ragged edge, backdash>uppercut (reset), list goes on.

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Oh, yeah, there’re definitely more options, a lot more, I just listed the ones I consider to be fundamental and which I use the most. If you wanna go for backdash, mostly everytime I backdash with wulf I find overpower to be the best followup for countless reasons. But if you find your opponent is trying to mash, just Meaty him with s.HK or overpower after the flip out.

Backdash in that situation is best to punish DP-happy jago’s and fulgores, and the likes because they can’t even instinct cancel if you force them to whiff. Then you can punish with overpower > shadow opener for great damage and value.

flipout > 5hk is the move that says “Not your turn!” harder than any other in my limited experience.

Throwing that into my game felt like an immediate level up. The opponent has to respect you so much more after you show him that.


Hey guys! Newer Wulf player here. Got a question in regard to the flipout > hamstring > FC setup. Uhm… Why not just flipout > dash through then continue the combo? Is this all for the flashy/intimidation factor, or does it have a purpose I’m not seeing?

Also, forgive me if this seems like a really stupid question.

Opponents can see the dash and know you will be behind. Hamstring is more ambigous. A quick cancel places you in front but a slight delay makes you behind.


What @Sasuke99I said. Also, not only is it much more ambiguous, it’s also faster. Hamstring > FC has considerably less recovery than crossup dash and it can be cancelled off of c.LK to remove the flip out’s recovery as well. This allows you to be more creative with your flip out meaties, while with crossup dash you will mostly have to go for fast meaty options.

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