Emblems To K.I Story Organizations

Hello people, good evening for all! this time i bring something different than my previous posts, i’m here this time to talk about emblems of the game. The characters have their respective emblems and this is good, but the organizations/factions or companies of Killer Instinct doesn’t (except Ultratech with the UT logo). What about these groups receive in the future their own emblems? the following organizations that needs a simbol are these: Disavowed, Red Eyes of Rilay, The Coven, Night Guard, Global Rebellion, Umbra and the cultists of Gargos.

Having their own simbols will give to the game more personality, we players that like our characters, will be glad for see the images reppin a network relationed to our favorite characters (at least in my point of view) and this feature can be used as something to gameplay maybe.

What do you think? feel free to expose your opinions below, thanks for the attention.


Pretty interesting to say the least it’s a cool but small idea.

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Thanks for the comment, yes it’s a little thing, but details like this makes a certain difference in the game.

Yup it can

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