Elite Controller DPad

Does anyone know if its any good for KI? They showed it together with KI in the reveal trailer. Anyone got the chance to try it out or a similar one in the past (don’t know if its the first of its kind)?

Well, the controller’s not out yet, so I’m guessing you’d have to be part of a really exclusive group of people to already have had the opportunity to try it. Still, I can’t wait for it - it looks beast! :ghost:

I like that Elite controller, but… I need save my money for Windows 10. : (

Im getting it day one. for 50 bucks hahaha suckas.

yes its LUSH!

so much better than the Dpad we have now.

You tried it? Where?

The Dev Team has had a chance to play with it, I remember @TempusChaoti commenting that he loved it on a post that I made regarding the Elite Controller on the old forums.

gamescom loads

with halo ki fable forza :smile:

Why would you need to spend money on Win10? Do you have a mac? It’s a free upgrade from Vista, 7, and 8.


That’s exactly what I was wondering…

I have Mac but nah. I want to buy Windows 10

I would try it but you know,it is sold out everywhere.

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this thread is old, I have the controller already, been only playing halo though.

How is that crazy dpad thing?

only played halo since I got the controller. I’ll try it out later this week and give you a quick review.

Same here. I’d have to go 100 miles north to get one, but that is way too far.

even though I haven’t tried it with KI I only can recommend the controller, if not for KI than anything else. Its really worth it, its just so good and superior to everything else on the market (miles ahead of SCUF)

I had trouble holding the controller with multiple paddles so I stoped because I don’t wanna be learning something while playing ranked but I really should go do some warzone assault to adapt to it, ended up playing with only one on the left side that I can press perfectly with my middle finger, set it to jump and there is no way I will ever play a shooter again with jump on a face button.

What most people don’t know is how much options there are in the App, besides the button mapping you can change a lot of stuff to adjust and personalize:

trigger sensitivity (you can make it that just pressing it down 1mm already counts as a press till the bottom),

rumble intensity and individual trigger rumble settings

home button light brightness

sensibility curves for the sticks (options are: Default, Instant, Aggressive, Smooth, Delay I think)

inverting axis etc…

One thing is for sure, im never gonna play with another controller any game on any platform. (except on pc if I need a mouse) Does someone wanna buy 3 standard xbox controllers? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m hoping to be able to try an Elite controler soon and if I do, I’ll let you guys know my thoughts on it.

How much?!?! LOL!

I was hoping to pick one up at Amazon a while back but they were sold out, checked again and still sold out.