Efficient Burnout Enders

There was a thread like this in the earlier forum that discussed how to best use Cinder’s burnout ender, and neutralize your opponent’s offense, so I thought I bring it back for those needing help. Feel free to dispute me on any of these, though.

Jago - Burn Arms
Sabrewulf - Either body part
Glacious - Burn Legs
Thunder - Burn Arms
Sadira -Burn Arms
Orchid - Burn Legs
Spinal - Either Body Part
Fulgore - N/A

TJ Combo - Either Body Part
Maya - Burn Arms
Kan-Ra - Burn Legs
Riptor - Burn Legs
Omen - Either Body Part
Aganos - Burn Arms
Hisako - Burn Arms
Cinder - Either Body Part
Aria - Burn Legs

Rash - Burn Legs (tastes like chicken) =)


Not sure about Omen and Cinder.

If you burn Omen’s legs, he loses all his linkers except demon loop, wich is easily breakable if he only does that. I understand that with punchs loses his “reversal” and his fireball, but if you manage to burn him, you are already near him, so probably he wouldn’t use the fireballs, and his reversal it’s not very good, so I prefer to cripple his combos.

In Cinder’s situation, I prefer burning legs. No trailblazer, no inferno, no air mk cross up, no reversal, and no recapture are lots of Cinder core gameplay mechanics. Say goodbye to the eternal juggles!

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On Orchid, I would burn arms. They tend to use those normals more into rekkas which is also arms. Canister grenades are arms too.

I understand her shadow moves are kicks but they can make do with just arm buttons.

But her most effective linkers are kick moves, not to mention it’s easy to avoid and/or counter her rekka openers.

I said the same at first and Orchid players (good ones) said they use normals and hit confirm into Rekka. It’s just stupid to do Raw Rekkas since they’re punishable on block.

Omen’s linkers are all kicks. If you burn his arms, he can still combo you with impunity.


My main philosophy when choose which limb to burn out, I choose the one that is mostly tied to their DP/reversal. I like to have a lot of setups after a throw then HP pyro bomb. If you keep them honest on reigniting their limb by using their DP/reversal, then the setups work much better.

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Go ahead, burn Hisako’s arms.

She doesn’t care… because she’s dead.


I’ve actually won matches with Hisako’s arms on fire, and it makes her win pose all the more scarier lol!

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True, but a large chunk of his offense revolves around his projectiles, and his offense is pretty easy to see coming.

I guess ‘both’ would be an effective strategy.

Fulgore, burn his legs to prevent teleports. Now just apply pressure and stay on him.

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I would say don’t bother burning Aria at all. She’s gonna die in two combos anyway so I never bother changing my game plan when on fire. She can just play like normal and turn any opening into a switch negating the flames.

I disagree. I personally like to build up the white damage so that I can get a Level 4 Battery Ender myself. The good thing is that ARIA can’t recover white life like the other character can so there’s no reason not to build it up IMO. The only thing stopping it is switching like you said.

That all depends.

Personally as a Cinder player I think it’s important you can burn both on any character but it’s a matter of not where you are, but where THEY are on the stage.

Example: based on my brother’s tactics as Glacius he likes to spam puddle punch and cold shoulder upclose. From far away he’ll use his hail. So here’s what I’d do:

If I have him cornered, I burn his legs. Because knowing him, he’ll want to use up close tactics to push me away so he can get room to zone. In doing so if he decides to go swinging wildly and puddle punch or cold shoulder he’ll just fan the flames.

If he’s no where near the corner, I burn his arms because it will not only push him away. But because Glacius can get alot of distance and since I am taking a risk in getting close to him. He has three options: Come at me and fight me up close, or stand back and do nothing, or spam his hail and fan the flames.

If he catches on I simply switch and do something to keep him off gaurd.

When you use your burnout enders, you need to force your opponent to act how YOU want them to. Be it sticking fireballs on them to keep them from acting riley or using burn out enders at certain ranges. Depending on what they can do.

Jago is another example that may be harder than most. If you corner ham, probably best lighting his hands on fire to prevent him from DPing you. or if he does he just fans the flames. Now if you don’t have him in a corner I think this is where you have to choose between burning his feet or his legs. It all depends on the player you’re fighting.

Learn their habits and plan your moves based on that.