Editing Xbox Game Clips

Hey all,

When Upload Studio was retired, Xbox said they were going to have editing options in the Xbox App as I recall. This hasn’t happened yet, so does anyone know how to edit a Game Clip short of uploading it to your PC and using software there? And if that’s the only option, I’m assuming there’s no way to upload said edited clip back to Xbox LIVE?

I know there’s a basic trim option for clips on-console, but it doesn’t seem to work. When I trim a clip and press “X” to save it, it asked me to confirm or continue editing. I confirm, it prompts me not to leave this screen, the progress bar moves about half way, and then my display goes pitch black and stays like that indefinitely. No button on the Controller works at all save for the Xbox Button which will bring up the guide. Simply closing the guide then drops you back to the Home screen, and of course no trimmed clip was saved or can be found anywhere.

So yeah, is there anyway to actually edit, or even basic-trim clips, on-console?

Can’t help you I’m afraid. All my familiarity w/ editing clips was back with the old Upload Studio interface :-/


Here’s a video. TL:DW looks like you need to use the Xbox App on your phone to save the clip to your phone then use a third party editor to edit it.

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Thanks. So yeah, it looks like you need to export the clip from the Xbox itself and edit it in third party software, which is what I’ve been doing since Upload Studio got nixed (I Share to OneDrive, and then edit using VideoPad Video Editor).

So from what I can gather, there is no way to have an edited clip put back onto Xbox LIVE; so any clip in your Xbox LIVE time line (or whatever that’s called) is always going to be raw, unedited, and untrimmed. That’s quite a shame.

It’s dumb. And this is the kind of complete ball dropping fumble that leaves me astonished with MS quite frankly. They introduce all these great integrated systems and instead of improving them over time, they decay. I don’t know what they’re thinking. And (off topic) we are supposed to trust that awesome unannounced games are just over the horizon because… reasons.


I just find it strange that they add a dedicated button to the Controller for captures, but don’t let you have clean clips on Xbox Live itself. I get that YouTube and such are the primary place for game footage, but still…