Eat the Toad? (RashvMira)

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So, relatively new player here.

Tried Mira one day and fell in love with her play style.

Made it through the ranks to Killer even.

One problem I’ve been having is that I cannot for the life of me fight the frog.

I can’t beat any of the good Rashes running around out there, at all.

I’ve looked around the forums for a while, picking up what I could, but it mostly seems to be “ground tongue is unsafe, mash dp.”

However, most I fight actually don’t use the tongue on me and more importantly, use it to get right above my head. Where they proceed to use and other nonsense.

My question is this: What can Mira do? She doesn’t have a dp and nothing that deals with the angles the frog comes in from as far as I’m aware.

Am I missing something?

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Hard to help unfortunately. Rash is quite possibly THE hardest match up for her. I think the goal is keep up the pressure. Knock him down and keep him down, but be careful when he has meter to avoid his shadow dp. Bats are useless because of his tongue and she suffers against people above her and Rash excels at doing just that.

I don’t get to fight very many Rash’s, but when I do, and even against lower skilled players, his tools are very good at shutting her down making it a tough fight.

If your comfortable enough you could post some videos against Rash and we could help you out. Nice to see a new Mira player!


i try to catch rash before he goes for wrecking ball with jumping MP or FP. i try to block his pressure because here comes the inevitable LK big boot he does so ill go for a grab and throw him into mira’s oki game.

oki set up: forward throw > MP bats > MP/FP reaper (go with what you think will hit) > combo

you wanna also hit him with hard knock down sets up too when you get him into combo. do the drill kick ender, on their way down hit him with cr.MP > MK drill kick. hes gonna be down again, and likely they’ll feel the need to shadow DP on wake up so be ready for that. if they dont you can set them up with left/right mix ups.

but really, the hard part is getting him into combo because 9/10 rashes are just spamming the hell out of wrecking ball running away and getting you to air dash everywhere or mist out of his BS. hes the toughest fight for me as well. so prep to weather the storm

i suggest:

-shadow counters
-hard knock down set ups
-be ready to tech grab
-patience and wait for his big boot on his block strings (they will do it)

good luck man, hes a ■■■■■■■ pain in the ■■■. im trying to fight him as mira alot more, rather than run to hisako where ill eat them alive.

Doesn’t his tongue only eat one bat?

You can just backdash/jump to avoid everything in that setup outside of the corner.

forward throw > LP bats > MP/FP reaper (go with what you think will hit) > combo is what you do out of corner or throwing them into it. However in corner mp bats is used because they hit meaty on wake up. Actually any throw setup works off her back and forward throw because there’s nothing different between then but one’s like an hour to finish

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if they start jumping on wake up before the MP bats come in, ill throw the LP bats. MP bats are useful even out of corner because they give you a chance to block should the opponent be mash happy or arrogant so hes gonna push a button to attempt to stuff you

Rash is a troll and does not belong in Killer Instinct.
A frog dressed as Elvis with a fro-
and corny punch lines…

This is killer instinct right?

I’m fighting the good ones that don’t really use wrecking ball outside of combos… so, it’s less running away and more “he’s coming to get me and there’s nothing I can really do.”

Oh no, timed properly he can eat 'em all in one go. Which means you’re just feeding him meter outside of close range bats. Makes instinct a bit of an issue too, really.

Just make sure you’re close enough before trying to throw 'em.

As for this… well, this is a game where the big draw is beat on you opponents corpse for as long as possible with the flashiest combo you can think of. It’s pretty naturally about trolling.

Also, in previous installments one of the finishers was death by Orchid’s ■■■■■. Also, you could make your victim dance.

Regardless of all of this, he’s in the game now and I’m looking for tech to deal with him.

Saying he “doesn’t belong” accomplishes nothing.

Anyway, thanks for all the help.

Might just be one of those “pick up a side character” kinda matchups. But hey, I’m still bad, so who knows?

I know, your right, he is part of the game, It’s that
I find him really annoying-

I have a group sets coming up against Circa Aphex that’s Mira vs Rash. Once it gets posted, I can go through it and break it down

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Here’s the Group Sets, as promised!

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Sorry for necroing, but I have some decent anti rash protip for Miras I discovered just now.

When you are sure that Rash is going to wake up with EX boot, simply do up-forward Mist into air attack for whiff punish.

-he wastes his meter

-he wont cancel into Instinct for annoying pressure

-even if he wont use EX boot, it still won’t kill you (unless you are already low on health).

Sorry if I am stating obvious, i’m just learning Mira.

As a side note about his tongue pressure: it’s better to just Mist out of it and save the frustration :confused:

Tongue pressure isnt real pressure. Use to beat it. I tested this for someone else.

I don’t understand… Are you talking about air tongue from close distance too? Grounded tongue is -5 or -6, so it’s clear how to punish it, but I can’t figure out what to do in corner when Rash just goes ham with tongue from above into air lights besides Misting out of this mess… :confused:

Tounge is -5 period. Even if he angles it you can still punish him. The only time he can be safe is if does it directly above your head.

Just watch Nicky Vs Menzo if you have issues with Mira vs Rash. That’s probably the best example of that set you’ll get and it’s recent.