Easy Mode

Now, let me just say that I am not personally requesting an easy mode for myself for any reason. Honestly, based on feedback from friends or people who tried KI have mentioned that they tried and wanted to enjoy Shadow Lords, but the mode was simply too difficult.

It is a shame because they don’t intend to go online and simply want to play Shadow Lords and have a blast, but the difficulty on AI even on the lowest setting can be too much.

This isn’t a matter of spending more time in the Dojo either, it would certainly help but even I will come across situations where the CPU is insane on Normal.

I propose that an Easy Mode be added so that newcomers can feel welcomed without too much pressure and enjoy such a fantastic mode. It would allow them to become familiar and perhaps allow them to dedicate themselves to the game more.


I’m pretty sure they have to be looking into it soon, I’ve more than my fare share of times expressed this since 3.7 dropped. I even have video of a Mimic Jago doing ridiculous things on normal mode. It takes a couple watches to notice what happens the first time but I’ll explain them briefly.

1st Issue: Jago Shadow Laser Swords in response to my parry window. Parry is still active for the shadow startup and I’m hit the first frame it is inactive.

2nd Issue: Jago reacts and Shadow DP’s my Jab within 1 frame of my input.


@Iago407 and I have already brought this up on a few other threads :slight_smile:. We talked about how the AI will one hit shadow counter, amd how it has inhuman reaction times for some moves.

I get that the AI should be able to do some of those things, but not on the easy setting. I think all the AI got updated, when it should have just been cetain difficulties.


Has the AI been fixed or is it still messed up? It seems like one of the patches just turned all the AI into Turtle mode where they just block everything…

It’s been fixed. The thing is the initial AI change meant to nerf boss Gargos pretty much put all AI on brain dead, and everyone got used to it, so now that the AI is back to the pre-SL AI we all know & love (ok Love might be a strong word), it just makes the AI’s initial flaws…such as blocking too much, breaking at exact yet predictable frames, being aggressive at low levels even though it telegraphs everything and allows for quick & easy breaks…much more obvious and annoying.


Jago used a meter gain instinct combo that I would typically do. Quite humorous, but also scary as to how niche the setup was.

I can tell you that the AI isn’t quite fixed yet, I’m still having Jabs DP’d within 1 frame and Boss Gargos go insane mode where you can’t touch him. Where it sits, the difficulty on Normal and Challenging is what Godlike used to be roughly. Yea some matches still steamroll but, on matches where I’d get perfects or hardly touched, I’m barely winning with 40% life now. They are doing optimized combo’s, optimized punishes, max punishes, single frame DP’s teching nearly 80% of all throws, not to mention shadow counters on jabs and shorts. Omen is the worst, normally I could shadow counter his kick flurry, now they double press so it’s not shadow counterable if you’ve shadow countered. Things that would require input reads to do.