Easiest/hardest to break character

Who’s the hardest to break and who is the easiest in your opinion.
I pick jago for being the easiest and aria as the hardest

Easiest? Rash.
Hardest? Sadira (in the air).

Easiest:Raam and Aganos
Hardest: Hisako


Hardest Hisako is a safe bet, I think.

Easiest probably Aganos. No real reset threats and light ADs are easy to react to.


At least he still gets 6; Rash doesn’t. I can see 'Sako being the hardest certainly.

Having more ADs doesn’t make you easy or harder to break. Rash has some insane juggling, so he can start a combo grounded, then launch you or use tongue to be airborne, and then he is very hard to break.

I would never say he is easy to break

It does for a lot of lower-level players that are still learning how to read them, which make up the majority of the playing field. Why do you think Combo-Assist mode and Combo-Breaker Training were added? :wink:

I disagree, but whatever

It’s a perception thing, I think. The whole experimental vacuum theory vs. reality based upon population results argument again… I’ll leave it there.

Also, I never found Rash hard to break except for his boot during juggles, which was recently given a visual tell.

Controversial opinion:

Hardest to break: Sadira

Easiest to Break: Arbiter (EDIT)

I think sadira is hard because she isn’t played as much anymore or at least I haven’t encountered a lot of her

Kilgore Kappa.

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Hardest: Hisako

Easiest: RAAM

Easiest: Riptor


Heavies-Tail and Fire.

Hardest to break: T.J Combo
Because most of his autos look the same. lol


Hisako hardest by far.

Easiest is aganos. The combos roll so slow its hard yo yime lock.

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I’d say the reason the “less ADs => easier to break” claim draws ire is because a lot of casual players used to like to complain that TJ is easy to break. Having an extra set of doubles probably adds a few frames to players’ reactions on average, and may allow some doubles to slip by skilled players on occasion, but the time available to react to medium and heavy doubles is generous enough for that not to be a big factor. On the other hand, barrage is really good: it allows TJ to call out a reaction break to an auto double without having to resort to a counter breaker. That alone makes TJ very good at the combo game.

In fact, TJ gets my vote. Hisako’s wind-up doubles might put her up there, though.


In my top 5, TJ is there for sure.

But Hisako winded doubles, somewhat confusing animations, and reset capabilities are unmatched IMO

I’ve got to agree w/ the crowd on this one.

Easiest: Aganos by a mile. You can react to his light doubles on reaction when you aren’t looking for them. 'Nuff said.

Hardest: Hisako. I’ve played the match WAY more than any other, I’ve practiced breaking her in the lab, and I still regularly lockout against her. Between the similarity of everything she does w/ that damned naginata, the wind-ups and EX Rekka Linker, then having to remember to hold up WHILE looking for something maybe breakable?.. man, to hell with that little dead girl.

The hardest for me has always been… Omen. I don’t know why but I… his medium and heavy moves seems pretty similar to me

And the easiest for me could be TJ, or Aganos, or Jago, or Sabrewulf…

As I am a Hisako player, I have no trouble in breaking her

Easiest: Orchid. Every noob breaks her medium and heavy, you just cant play her without doing manuals.

Hardest: Eyedol. His mid and heavy auto double animations look almost identical.

Hisako is not hard, its just hard to adapt to her delayed manuals, but when you got a hang on it, she is free.