Easier way to find shadows in Shadow Lab

I find the current method of choosing shadows to fight in Shadow Lab really cumbersome. Some characters I have to press “right” or “left” like 10+ times in order to find, and each time I press “right” or “left” it has to fetch the shadow data from the server… thus making it a reeeally tedious and sometimes slow process to navigate to some of the Season 2 characters.

I think the character selection should just be something similar in concept to the VS screen character selection. Have the array or grid of characters you can quickly select from and THEN load up the shadow data once you’ve selected them. As is, with it being just a list you scroll left and right through, I think it makes Jago and Sabrewulf shadows much more popular to fight against because they’re simply the quickest to find (because finding S2 characters takes so much longer). However, if it was laid out in a grid of character portraits or something like that, I think it makes it much less likely people will gravitate towards those.

(If I’m totally missing something and maybe there is a quicker way to directly navigate to every character, I would love to be corrected on this.)


That would be fine, but then you would still need another screen to show what shadows are available to choose from within the character itself.

How ever they do it, I’m sure there are plenty of ways better than how it is now.