Earthworm Jim's suit is ready

… is Killer Instinct?

THIS is my Noob Saibot character for Instinct… You know, the one with 2 avatars at once? In Instinct, the suit and Jim are separate entities, yet linked in tag team damage!!!

In regular mode, there’s no other way to describe his mash-ups than to say a bit Kan-Ra, a bit Arbiter and lot of Rash’s humour.
The suit using Jim’s body to throw and recapture can not be understated. Some have issue with Ra’s changes, Jim can be their new herald, or new co-main :slight_smile:

For now, any more thoughts need to be controlled through a floodgate… Too much hope of what can be, need much more time to put it down.


While I don’t think EJ is a good fit for KI, I would love it if MS picked up some of Interplay’s IPs…


OK, after a couple sleeps, and thinking what EWJ can offer, here is where I’ve started;


Jim is the worm. The super suit is its own entity. Peter Puppy is Jim’s best friend, he is always with him. He is part of the Instinct and chaos of the character.

A balanced ability but heavy on command normal with special properties. Similar to Riptor in having something for everything. However, there are resources to this that Peter Puppy helps manage.

Jim can surge command moves, in a manner similar to Shajo does his specials, however this causes the suit to build up heat/pressure.

Certain moves, knockdowns and overheating the suit can kick EWJ out of his suit. The suit will then react to the game as a neutral observer that loves fighting games as it cools down.

Jim’s suit acts like armour for non-head hits. These hits are about half damage and give very little, if any, recoverable life. Hits to the head are double damage but recover due to the suit healing Jim.

Outside of his suit, EWJ receives double but recoverable damage. He must get inside his suit to heal!

Activating Instinct lets EWJ insta-cool his suit, which he still needs to get back to manually. PP is there to help. A few resources are infinite or half priced… That’s a balancing/gameplay test thing.

In his suit, while in Instinct, the bubble helmet activates and EWJ slowly recovers the possible recoverable chunk, while taking only half damage at any time.

EWJ can only grapple or manipulate his body to when out of his suit. Being able to jump and align the body in different angles is the only way to avoid damage, no blocking. (Can still do Breakers).

Peter Puppy is there to help Jim, most of the time.

A special move has PP giving Jim random powerups. Pretty much 1-3 use weapons and suit cooldowns. Once in a while, it’s a cow or a bomb, and those knock EWJ out of his suit.

When Jim Instincts, PP rages out and becomes a physical player on the field. When PP is in play, meaning Jim is in Instinct, PP is one shade of colour.

The opponent can beat up PP, whether he’s in play or not.
Beating him up in play causes Instinct to drain quicker.
Beating on PP when out of play delays powerup giving and makes him angry at Jim, similar to Instinct mode, but a different shade.
When PP is angry at EWJ, he transforms and fights against Jim, even so far as keeping his suit away from Jim.

Players can try and avoid Jim altogether and use PP to troll, I mean manipulate/goad, the EWJ player due to this. However, activating Instinct converts PP back to Jim’s side.

Lawd jesus I saw Clayfighter in the list. MS needs to buy it and let IG breathe new life into it like they did with KI.


With todays engines, they could make some awesome clay animations.

Yo! Clay Fighters?!

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MS should 100% snap this up.

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MS should bring this fighting game back!

And Earthworm Jim of course.

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Peter is very awkward here, the obvious choice EWJ’s assist would be Snot. Also separating Jim from his suit is really messy especially in the context of a fighter.