Early Ultra cancel

This has happened while playing Wulf as well

Does it mean that triggering the ultra won’t kill the rival until some specific timeframe or anything? l mean, before instinct cancelling it. It looks like I’m cancelling the Ultra itself. I thought the ultra animation came first and you shouldn’t be able to cancel it until is finished. I wasn’t expecting this with Riptor. Can anyone confirm this with other characters as well?

I was just mashing ender to keep on going and oops! :sweat_smile:. As you can see the other guy also thought it was over because he reacted too late.


Ultras don’t kill until the first hit. The freeze itself doesn’t kill the opponent

As far as I remember is valid for all the characters


You have to let the ultra actually hit first before you can cancel it. Sabrewulf (I think) is the only exception to that.

Isn’t that because his howl counts as a hit?


The same happened in one of my matches:

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Wait, I don’t understand what you are saying about “first hit” or howl count as hit. I have ultra, cancel, ultra again, ender. Haven’t hit anything =S

@VladKravich lol, that exactly XD

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I’ve heard of this happening for a while, since Season 2 I think. Actually happened to the CPU in Shadow Lords last night, actually! The key to avoiding this is to just let the Ultra go for a few hits, then cancel it into whatever. Keeps weird stuff from happening.

When the first of the ultra lands it counts as your win and then you can cancel.

In terms of sabrewulf, his ultra activation (when he reels his head back) counts a hit. No other character does that.

Here are examples:


I never have noticed this. Well, his howl is porwerful then. lol

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Doesn’t riptor and eyedol have something similar to Sabrewulf’s ultra?

Oh my! I’ve never payed attention to the “ultra hit”. I’m usually carefull with Wulf now, but didn’t now about Riptor. I’ll have to be patient there too :joy:

So, when Orchid makes her Sailor Moon pose she’s also hitting you? By the way, I love those animations plus the Ultra enders.

Yes, her sexiness counts as a hit… lol I have no clue, honestly.


Oh yeah I forgot about Eyedol but yeah he does that too. Riptor however does not.

No it doesn’t. It’s just for flair.

Doesn’t Gargos have this as well?

Rash and RAAM i think.

I’m not 100% on RAAM, in fact I’m pretty sure that’s a flase memory, but I’ve instant-cancelled Rash’s a ton of times.

Huh… So they do.

Man I really gotta look back on my ultras

Oh son of a…:angry:

in this case, don’t be so mashy and let the ultra do its job. lol

“El que espera, desespera” XD

I wish I could find the right idiom for it. But I would put it like "She who waits, despairs"
I don’t know why I have that urge to interrupt the Ultra. But in this case I was looking for the double ender, yay =D

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I think another way of saying it would be “she who waits, exasperates” as exasperation is close to despair.

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