Early tech: Tongue can't eat Shin Hisako's soul thingy

It looks like a projectile that can be eaten but no, you can’t eat it.

It’s not a projectile until after it’s fired right? So tongue can’t eat if even after that?

I haven’t had a shi hisako fire it at me yet.

I would assume not… I mean, it’s kinda like ARIA’s assists, in that it itself is a stage-object, and cannot be interacted with until activated. You can’t Tongue v. Bass Assist until the shots are fired, so you wouldn’t be able to Tongue v. Soul until the shot is fired.

Now, considering Tongue is a projectile, I’m interested to know how it ultimately interacts w/ the Soul projectile. I should hope Tongue wins that interaction.

I can confirm that Rash can eat the actual projectile after it has been triggered, but not the orb.


Thx…that makes sense and is consistent with the other characters.