Early Maya concept by Kev Bayliss


fresh from twitter:


good lord… I like it even more than the final one.


Looks much better tbh.


Janet Jackson has never looked so juiced up


This was an old concept from KI-2 I’d take it?

I do like the snake motif going on here.


I really like it very much I must say :slight_smile: :blush:


It’s very good. If feministfrequency find it it would make a great example out of it about male supremacy and sexualized cultural cliches in videogames.

I’m just kidding…In a way XP


It’s a real shame they only got her base model finished, and never got around to designing clothes or accessories. (Kappa)


It’s nice to see Maya’s early concept! I really hope they show us more early concepts!


Oh so that must be why Maya has those snake band things on her retro costume

the more you know


My first thought was “why is that ■■■■ actress holding an ice scraper?”


Looks like she was gonna have a big snake theme going on.


Imo if the snakes were animated it’ll be cool af. If the they’re static then it’s meh.


He basically did now what he couldn’t back at KI2.


Pretty revealing but I like it.


Honestly to me I’m kinda indifferent. To me she looks a lot more like Jungle Orchid than Maya’s final version did, even if all the KI2 girls did have the same face.


They were going with the ROXY Rave staff theme!!! Omg

She looks awesome except for the panties.

Still don’t choose the new maya retro because her hair isn’t like this.

Awesome LOVE stuff like this


I don’t see it.