Early Impressions?

Hey all, wanted to know how everyone was feeling now that they’ve had a couple hours with her.

I’m enjoying her playstyle although I’m often wishing there were more effective ways to earn dragons. Without them, her options feel so limited. And even once I do earn one… that’s exactly what it is… just one.

Maybe if her counter left me plus afterward, I could utilise it better? But, I don’t know. Still getting the hang of her.

Anyway, these are my initial thoughts. What are yours?

Mostly copied from another thread:
Still super, super new with her, but she has a lot of potential I think, and has a lot of depth hidden in her tools that aren’t quite obvious. Right now everyone’s using dragons for L. dragon kick->mixup, but I think she has some other stuff hidden in there as well. Dragon grasp resets are absolutely going to be a thing in a few weeks, and her high/low game is fairly potent and, more importantly, safe.

Her game can be super straightforward and linear, but I don’t think that’s her ceiling at all. She has solid mobility, good range in her punch normals, and can hit really, really hard. She’s one of those characters who can really make an opponent pay for any sort of mistake, and in my opinion that alone means she’s a solid contender. The lack of a credible low threat from any range but up close is her biggest issue I think, but that’s not terribly limiting given her other options.

I actually think her counter is super useful. It shuts down jump-ins, which is great because that frees you up to AA dragon kick for massive damage. It may not leave you plus on the ground, but neutral isn’t bad, and the dragon you get from it means you’ve got a mixup on deck. Leading up to release I thought it was the most under-explored option about her, and after Day 1 I think even more that was probably true. An omni-counter, even one that just resets both opponents to neutral, is a really, really, good tool to have.

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Based on my limited experience and what @TheNinjaOstrich did in our lobby yesterday, Kim Wu is VERY good. She’s got a lot of great tools and she’s really quick. It also helps that she hits like a bus when she’s got the meter for her Shadow Dragon Kick.

Though based on me and Ostrich’s sets yesterday, she has some trouble when her opponents exhibit their ribbit :frog:


Or it just might be me, TBH. Lol

How do you guys get in and be aggressive with her. Just tried her out for a few hours and I only find her flame kicks/overhead useful. Am having trouble just opening up people, the most easiest way for me is with an air based cross up into her overhead but it’s been stuffed sometimes.

Without dragons, I found that opening people up can be really difficult, especially if you’re full screen where her options are very limited.

Try using her shadow axe kick on whiffs. It comes out pretty quick, goes through projectiles, and has a surprisingly long range (third of the screen). Most people I play against never see it coming, especially with its deceptive range.

Also, if you can, play patient until you’re able to land a dragon counter. Once you have that first dragon, H. Sky kick(?) into cancel, then air heavy, makes a nasty cross up that works almost all the time.

Hope that helps some. Anyone else have input they can share?

Man, she fun af. I was so tusk gun ho that i didn’t think I’d like her. She reminds me of s2 spinal bcuz she needs resources which I’m use too since I’m a spinal main. I might main her

I’ve found Kim struggles in that far-ish mid-range just outside the reach of her nunchuck punch normals. Opponents that can keep her there (Arbiter, Hisako, Aganos I imagine) give her problems, especially since “button” generally seems to beat light dragon dance (one of her better options to cover space with an attack).

I’ve found that stepping forward and tossing out MP->HP strings can be good, as a lot of times people will step forward to try and punish you whiffing nunchucks just outside their range, which will get them tagged once Kim shifts to the HP flurry and moves into them. Heavy dragon dance can also be a good way just to get close and force the fight to a range more suitable for Kim - it leaves you negative, but at least you’ll be in, and if you defense is solid you can usually make use of that.

The best thing really does seem to just be to try and grab a dragon off of something though. Once she has a dragon she can come in pretty much at will, and she’s got some absolutely disgusting mix-ups available to her with them. Without dragons, I’ve found she has a really hard time approaching that space where she has both credible high and low options.

She’s a blast and not just because she hits as hard as the truck on her stage. Deflecting projectiles is so much fun, although I’m pretty sure I should rather counter them most of the time. Punishing people who mindlessly jump with Dragon Kick is hilarious. Whiff punishing in general seems to be her thing. Dragon Cannon into Shadow Drangon Dance is an almost full screen confirm. Dragon Grasp is one of the best ways to open people up once you conditioned them to block. And it will also help tremendously against guess breakers. Lastly, I’m so happy that I finally have a character with a good reversal. I’m not even going into all of the Dragon Cancel shenanigans because I only scratched the surface of what’s possible with it.
Thank you IG & MS for such a great character! :slight_smile:

I’m very fond of her gameplay.

I’ve got some problems with her some of her nunchuck animation when I fight against her (same with Tusk, I don’t like Skull Splitter linker into sword double) but I need to work on that.

Also, I wish I could Dragon Cancel into her counter (which wouldn’t give her a dragon, of course). I mean, Hisako can with her wrath meter, Spinal can with his skull, why Kim can not ?

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