Early access/Stress test before PC launch?

I didn’t know where to post this, if in suggestions and feedbacks or here. I decided to post this thread in General Discussion because, after all, it’s some information needed, not a typ.

I would like to know from one of the developers, if possible, if there’s going to be an early access or a period of stress test before the PC launch of Season 3 in March. After what I heard what happened to Street Fighter V’s first beta (server overloads, impossibility of playing online, different crashes), I’m afraid of something like this might happen to KI too, since he’s going to be a crossplatforming game, like SFV.

So the question is: are some of the PC gamers getting an early beta access or some sessions of stress test? Preventing is better than healing.

PS: If this question has been already asked previously, I apologize and you can close this post.

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It’s a fair question. I think that KI on Xbone ran so well because it was only built for one system, and thus the netcode could be optimized for Xbox LIVE services and the Xbox One itself. PC’s come with a wide variety of hardware, and PC multiplayer can likely change based on firewall settings and different distribution services, so there’s a higher chance of stuff going wrong, and a much wider variety of things that can go wrong, so I think a PC beta of some sort should be close to the top of the priority list.

Well i hope that there will be some stress tests done for PC. I’m not a PC player but I don’t want any issues to happen upon release. KI is small and not as big as other fighting games so I think that it has to work harder. So any issue would totally have a major effect on KI.


Shouldn’t be any issues since it will be running on the same servers as the xbox version.

Yep, but are they capable enough to contain a mass of PC players? That’s what I mean. It’s better not to play the russian roulette here. If they state the capability is high enough, no problems. But at least we need a proper statement regarding this topic.

I aree. I fit’s within their power they should do that. or if they have the resources for it.


I wouldn’t like to see a game that doesn’t start because of some problems related to hardware incompatibility. Thus, people raging.

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I think the server stress is one issue - and certainly I support all the stress/beta testing that can be done. But I don’t think we are going to see millions of new PC users taxing the KI servers when the game launches in March. Hopefully I’m wrong - that seems like a good problem to have.

I would be more concerned about hardware compatibility and performance. KI launched on X1 as a very conservative game. The graphics were being rendered in a native 720p resolution and effects were toned down to make sure that everything ran at 60 FPS all the time. They have since upgraded to 900p and returned the motion blur option because they can squeeze more power out of the box with optimization. PC is a different story all together.

Given that those 60 frames/second are really important for the game, I think they are going to need to work really hard to optimize the game for PC architecture. I hate to predict bad things, but what I suspect will happen is that they will err on the side of caution and set the minimum system requirements very high and then lock the game at 1080p 60fps. This will lead to a huge outcry from PC players complaining about how ridiculous it is that they need such good hardware to run a game that “even runs on console,” and all the usual accusations about terrible ports and developers who hate PC and how MS just wants to trick them into buying X1. I really hope I’m wrong, but I can very easily see this happening.

Moreover, if this happens, the story of this fighting game in the PC platform will be really really short. I heard IG also had a bad previous experience with another port, but I don’t know if it’s true. Was it regarding a Batman game? I need someone to confirm it.

Considerin gthe fact that this issue has happend in the past with other games. (Halo Reach Beta comes to mind)

first day everyone on the forums were raging like efficient crazy.

yeah, IG was tasked with the arkham knight port however WB was straining the ever living ■■■■ out of them on the task. 8 weeks for an open world game, little money to help with the process. they pretty much knew it was gonna be a disaster when it came close to release.

im gonna throw out there though that i did catch keits in a stream. i think it was for WNF. but i asked him if the plan was to release near SF5, as that would be a horribly dumb idea. the answer pretty much boiled down to yes. we’re unlikely to get an early version. they want to do it right, and i understand that. my only question is why does it take 9 months to port a fighting game? assuming things go smooth. even if the cross platform play takes a bit longer than expected i dont think it should equal 9-10 months.

also, since im still angry with the answer. he did use the cop out of “have you developed a game?” which is by far one of the worst answers he could’ve given me. generic PR answers would’ve been better than that.

Why should the game be locked at 1080p if its not even 1080p on Xbox?

Only because I don’t think they will let it go higher and they know they can’t lock it at 900p on PC. Although maybe they will.

Not for nothing, but what other answer would you like him to give you? The truth is we can all sit on our couches guessing how long a KI PC port should take. But we don’t know what we’re talking about. We don’t know the budget, number of people, number of steps involved, length of time for each step, amount of new technology they have to develop (I.e. Cross play). All I know is that one of the great truths of project management is that the answer to the question “how long will this take?” Is always “longer than you think.”

You can say it shouldn’t take that long, but quite frankly Keits is right. You have no idea how long it should take. And, for the sake of argument, you are suggesting that they are dragging it out to compete with SFV because, why? Because they are incompetent? Evil? Why would they say it takes that long if it doesn’t? Because they hate money?

Ah ok, I thought locked meant it can’t go lower but could higher.

I think he was arguing for the fact the developer answered badly. The diplomacy is an art everyone should use, otherwise the results will lead to wars and catastrophes.
Personally, if I had got an answer like that by a PR that should keep in touch with people, I would have gone straight forward to other games (in this case SF5),no matter what the results of the final product. Unless this guy was rude in asking his question or was teasing the devs, I don’t think saying a thing like that is acceptable, expecially from somebody of that role and importance. Even having a bad mood for that day isn’t an excuse.
Btw, I’m not surprised of this because, if I remember well, IG put on a similar show during Season 2 regarding an important question. At that time a guy from behind the walls asked them if the game is going to be ever released for PC. Their answer was a simple “Ok, next question.” But after a couple of secs, having seen perhaps the looks of stupor and anger, they corrected the shot by saying “We don’t know, it isn’t actually one of our priorities” We’ll see". There’s also a stream of that interview. Don’t recall when it was precisely, but I think there’s something around.
Time for the phrase “have you ever developed a game”. Ok, the concept may be correct, but the way he said that isn’t. How about a “sorry, but porting a game isn’t so easy as expected. Unfortunately we’re encountering some obstacles that are going to be resolved in time. We have at disposal little money blah blah blah. So we ask for patience and you won’t be disappointed. Developing is actually pretty hard.” With a coloured sentence, you would have saved your face with the customer and plus you would appear kind. Tell me if I’m wrong here.
And, at last, the competition against SFV. I’m honest here: trying to release the game during this month in order to compete with a colossus show these guys have guts. However if from one side I admire their bravery, from the other side I’m shocked by their foolery. Trying to compete with a title that has a little community against a giant with more than 40000 - 50000 copies in preorder just on Steam is like to attack a nation armed with nuclear bombs by using stones. Guess who’s going to win!!!

Now back on topic…seriously, not receiving a beta test on PC is seriously dangerous. If you want to charge windmills as Don Quixote, at least provide yourself with some protections.

was exactly my point. i never said the answer i was given was invalid, just awful.

going on the amount of dev time going to spent on this port. if it wasnt coming out right next to SF5 than i wouldnt really be bothered. id be impatient, like i already am, but i wouldnt really be worried.
in my opinion, releasing something right next to the big dog of the genre is just something you dont do unless you yourself are a big dog. you dont release a new MMO right next to a WoW expansion. you dont release a new console shooter next to halo, CoD, or battlefield. you just dont. you’re gonna get overshadowed. im not as worried because fighting games arent as big og a genre as FPSes or MMOs. infact, why i said everything i said was to tie into the fact that something of an 'early access build or beta build could help out quite a bit. not only for KI but for IG as well.

(really hope i didnt start something i shouldnt have by stating keits answer. in his defence i put him on the spot out of ■■■■■■■ no where. it was a stream for an online tournament. not an IG stream to ask questions.)

Or you’re mad, don’t forget that too. But don’t worry, there are other companies that made something like that before. It won’t be the first nor the last case. Did anyone hear about Team 17?

Btw, we need honestly a dev statement here. Even if they don’t know if there’s going to be an early access, but just say something to satisfy our curiosity. Unless they plan to reveal that later this year.

I think it’s pretty important that there be a beta phase for the PC version. However, if they’re only building the PC version with S3 in mind (ie, they’re putting in whatever new UI stuff and other things for S3 only that isn’t in the Xbox version of S2), then it might be really hard to release it and test cross-compatibility, which is the main feature of the PC version. They might just have to wait until S3 launches on both platforms (or else ALSO do a beta for S3 on Xbox… which, to be fair, they did do for S2 so maybe it’s possible).

I just think KI needs to beat SFV to market by two months. They’ve said March, and SFV is still unknown (maybe February, maybe April), but if SFV beats it to market or the releases coincide by a week or two, I think it’s going to be tough to grab the general attention of the FGC, even if KI is well received and the port is great. KI needs to give the FGC at large at least 6 weeks where it’s the only new fighting game in town, and then people who like its style of play will probably still be interested after SFV drops.

So, if S3 won’t be ready until late March and SFV launches April 1st, I really think they need to run a beta that starts in February.

From what I’ve heard, SFV will be ready for March, before the end of the economical year in Japan. So probably, unless Capcom delays the release, Street Fighter will come by mid - end March.
Regarding beta for KI: I think the best solution is to release it at the beginning of 2016 aka mid January, after the holidays. A span of 2 - 3 months is better.