Eagle's unbreakable combos!

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Wow. Well, no doubt his KV meter will be adjusted.

That’s not even bad tho. Yea it needs to be adjusted but it’s impractical AF

Honestly if somebody just stands there and let’s him do that, they deserve the damage.

Lol can he keep it?

Kev linked the wrong one, but he has a one chance 33% midscreen and has a corner one chance setup that does 55%.

The problem with this is that he could just use instinct to reset the KV meter, and with a single manual, cash all that arrows damage. I want to test it, but in theory, he could do it for a 40% one chance combo, spending around 40-50 secs on it.

Also, is not that hard to land! Just score a HKD in the corner (like c.HK), and if you have conditioned your opponent with mixups before (arrow-meaty c.lk), he may just crouch block by default and eat it. Or use the bird as meaty to force them block, and they commit the mistake of crouch block by default, Bullseye!

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If they deem this too broken, it’s easy to fix (keep the KV the same for the first 1 or 2 reps of up arrows, then make the KV go really high for the next few). That keeps his set play options in tact while just removing this loop.

I agree it’s easy to set up because getting hit by up arrows in a setup is really easy to create. It’s basically any knockdown in the corner and losing a 50/50 after that.

It’s something that probably should be fixed, not necessarily because it’s too broken (although it might be, idk), but just because it’s a 30 second unbreakable.