Eagle's trailer speculation

How do you guys picture his trailer?

I can see it like this:

I entered their tournament. But my prize was to be their guinea pig. They took everything from me… until I was rescued by a “spirit”. Now I’ve returned… to make them pay!

Eagle & Fulgore: You damn machine. You took everything of me!

Eagle & Thunder:
Thunder: Eagle?
Eagle: Big Brother! It’s been a very long time.


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I think it’s gonna be like a Monologue of him, maybe some flashbacks of a distraught Thunder, then…

“My spirit still lives on!”


(Epic Gameplay Montage)


I would hope it were completely in nez perce with English translation subtitles

Like Hisako awesome trailer


I really don’t see eagle having a grudge against fulgore. Moreso aria then anything else.

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