Eagle's Story

what’s wrong with the vid seems on point to me?

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It’s how he talks about the devs, Adam isgreen, & rukari

And his ‘inside source’ who apparently fill him in on news that we already knew.

He’s always been -----------

He actually pronounces orchid ’ OR -Cheet ’ lmao


LMAO!! :sweat_smile: That guy’s such a bad troll.

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I don’t see anything wrong with it


Perhaps this guy could tell us what he would’ve done if he was in charge of the character for the third roster.

At least it’s not a remix character.

What he doesn’t know, is that not everyone is upset of it being a troll when it comes to eyedol. in fact some where relieved.



That’s @rukizzel’s new nickname.

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Fun fact - Rookery was my nickname when I was younger. First auto-correct suggestion when that was a brand-new feature way back in the day.

Also Rookey didn’t work on the game when Shadow Jago thingy happened.

Code of Conduct is not about Xbox Live, either. Forum rules differ, but the Code of Conduct of XBL is ALSO enforced.

We don’t lie. We are paid to craft messaging. Lies? Nah. We get pretty transparent with all of you. This dude has had his knickers pinched for quite some time.

The only lie is the ambiguous nature of this video. It’s laughable. He has a source? Bruh I’m weak. No one ever really keeps a secret. Look how fast RAAM and Mira popped up on the forums.


Nice! xD

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OMG…those pre-release RAAM posts everyone did dancing around the leak rules were hillarious!! GENERALLY speaking, of course. :wink:

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Aren’t we talking about what Eagle’s story will be like?

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You’ll probably get the story through Shadow Lords mimics.

I’d appreciate s1 ‘live photos’ over seas ‘angle cinematics’

Not gonna lie, I am super excited for this little thread of the story. One of the things I think is so interesting about this is just how atypical this interaction is of… nearly everything else we’ve seen of Glacius. He usually operates fairly distantly from humanity; one of his S1 endings in fact states that he’s trying to remove any traces if his presence from earth, which suggests that secrecy is one of the tenets of his mission. This is likely due to the 88 Decrees; if we’re not deemed ready for his race’s advanced technology, then it’s probably safe to say they don’t think we’re ready to meet them in general, and Ultratech’s tampering with everything resulting in repeated disasters and ■■■■-stirring makes it pretty clear that was a wise decision on their part.

Obviously that changes slightly when Glacius opts to work with the Alliance during Gargos’ invasion (despite the fact that he has no obligation to humanity… why you so good-hearted, Mr. Alien). Still, aborting his mission (you can bet he infiltrated Ultratech in an attempts to reclaim his technology) to rescue and resuscitate Eagle is a drastic change from how distantly he has operated in the past. I have to wonder what made him decide to throw his lot in with this one particular human to this extent! Perhaps… he saw some of himself in Eagle with the way Ultratech was using him?

I also have to wonder how Eagle is going to react to finding out his spirit guide and savior is, in fact, an extremely powerful extraterrestrial being. I would love if he still deferred to Glacius for guidance, with an extra seasoning of utter loyalty since the alien basically gave him a new lease on life… and maybe, just maybe… their cooperation will pave the way for further peaceful relations between species in the future. Alright, that may be looking a little far ahead ahah, I’m just super excited. These characters have so much potential, to see IG/MS dig into literally any of this would be amazing.

No matter what they do though I have faith it’s gonna be great, the character is looking extremely promising design-wise and I’m looking forward to finding out how he fits in with the lore and story as a whole!


Awesome point!

I wonder how Eagle’s reunion with Thunder will go? And when Eagle deals with Fulgore with how Ultratech used him to extract data on his fighting ability onto the cyborgs, but also parts of his memory.

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Yess, Eagle’s reunion with Thunder is going to be great too! I mean, we know how (understandably) torn up Thunder was over his brother’s disappearance, and how furious he was with Ultratech when he came to suspect them. It will be neat to see if some of that gets soothed over. I’m assuming Eagle will tell him about the fact that it was Glacius that freed him, so there might be neat interacitons there too?

I also like how both Thunder and Eagle are now buddies with a nonhuman member of the cast. Are we going to see a crazy four-man dream team going on?! That would be exciting. IT’S ALL EXCITING. I don’t know if I’ve made this apparent yet but I really like this cast you guys.

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