Eagle's Price?

Is Eagle free? I thought he was supposed to be $4.99?
Call me stupid, but I swear they were going to charge for him like they did to Kilgore. I looked last night and he was playable for free. Help?

He is free to everyone for a week. For Season 3 Ultra Owners and DE owners he will be free (although they have said this might take a while to implement). For everyone else when the free week is up he will be $4.99

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You mean the Season 3 Ultra Edition?


Yes, or Definitive Edition.

Ah, ok. Well, I bought every single season pack/ character pack. So, i’m assuming that i’m good haha.

How do I play retro Eagle with accessories?

You go to the store in game when you first load in, then to fighters then go down to eagle and from there you can customize him.

I can play retro Eagle in matches but I can’t customise him at all. The option doesn’t exist for him in store>fighters> Eagle.

Then you don’t own the character.