Eagle's Arrowless Heavy Punch Normals

Much like Kilgore and Arbiter, Eagle’s bow is fired by pressing the heavy punch button and various directions. But unlike Kilgore, Eagle still has regular useful HP normals.

The problem is, you can only use them when you are not carrying any arrows. You cannot drop all the arrows at once or decide if you want to pick them up or not. So I have a suggestion to fix this: the HP button could no longer fire arrows, instead acting like a regular HP button, and arrows are fired with three punch buttons.

The triple punch and kick macro buttons are basically used like 7th and 8th buttons in KI anyway. What are your thoughts on this idea?

Not having access to his arrowless HP is an intended weakness. Makes him weaker against armored characters, for example.

He shouldn’t have access to his HP normals(which are great, j. Hp is a cross up!) if he has arrows


Standing arrowless HP is also +7 oH/+4 oB. That’s an incredible button that Eagle definitely does not need access to all the time.


can someone show me these normals? I dont have access to eagle.

The string in that video is crossup j.HP, 1MP (the stagger), st.HP, ender.

Thank you.

Yes, that makes sense.

I forgot to mention how having no arrows also affects Eagles throw. It seems that, for the lack of better words, Eagle’s “Arrowed” and “Arrowless” versions have pros and cons, almost like a mild version of a stance switch. Having access to his HP normals at all times would kind of remove that… so I guess my suggestion was not the best Idea.