Eagle Windows Store purchase error


When I try to purchase eagle on KI PC I get error 0x80070490. I re-installed the game, Windows is up to date and I ran sfc /scannow which yielded no error…any advice? I have all seasons purchased.

Thanks in advance!

I’m also getting the error on the Windows 10 version of KI. I have all seasons and when I log in on an Xbox One system, I own Eagle and he is able to be installed and played.

Back on Windows 10, when I launch the game and allow it to sync data, Eagle still shows as unowned, and trying to purchase/install results in an error message.

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I am having this same problem on windows 10 with the same error code. I own the season 3 mega pack, whatever its called, and now I cant buy eagle.

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Why did y’all flag that previous comment. I’m having this exact same problem. Game says I don’t own Eagle, I go to buy him, it says I already own him. Can’t find a solution to this. I’d be willing to part with $5 but I can’t even do that. Is there a fix for this?

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I’m having this same issue

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So yeah. I still can’t pick Eagle. I’ve called support. They told me to reinstall the game. But that doesn’t work. I also contacted the KI twitter account. I was told they know it’s an issue…Any more information on not being able to pick Eagle on Windows 10?