Eagle walkthrough by keits

Icymi …

This character has a nasty toolset! :slight_smile: Salty tears will flow!


Looks very interesting. I’d like to play him at some point. Bit concerned about his one opener being negative frames, but he seems to have enough potential to open you up that it shouldn’t matter.

Regardless, he looks cool and moves cool. Plus, they incorporated some things from Fulgore and Thunder to provide enough of a link establishing the character in the lore. Plus the voice acting stuff. I think they did a great job all around.

Thanks a lot to @TheKeits for this breakdown, as always, really interesting and insightful, and funny too!


Keits breakdowns are the best!
Here’s hoping we’ll be seeing more :wink:

I think Eagle is a good idea (character with a bow, a guardian,etc.) it sounds really interesting, really fun, in the end i kinda like it, but man… i think this is the worst design in the entire cast of ki, no offense but i think IG could do it better. and that about incorporate some things from another character i think is an excuse to recycle movements.

like i said i want to offend nobody, just saying my toughts. i love ki, i been supporting ig from season 2, but i think they could do it better, and i hope they do it better

He’s plus as hell if you call the back assist during slide. His offense is good, it’s just limited by the bird.

Wish this would have come before release, would have built a lot of much needed hype for the character.

i agree. but the best thing we can do now is spread this walkthrough. even though it’s been posted on twitter in a somewhat impromptu fashion (keits said earlier that there was no existing plan to do a walkthrough), after reading the forums, i can tell that some folks still didnt know that there was a walkthrough.

my suggestion - if you’re on any social media where fgc communities are, post the youtube or twitch walkthrough and mention “if you like archer characters, check out Eagle!!!”

let’s spread word on how great this character is!

The walkthrough’s on YouTube right now.

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Though I’ll be honest about Eagle. He’s pretty strong and he certainly shows little mercy when it comes to zoning but, getting a combo from him is pretty difficult. Not impossible just hard. Though with this style he seems to be meant for the more creative type of player and I love creativity! Good luck you guys!