Eagle is free for definitive edition owners?

Just announced at CEO, EAGLE, SHIN HISAKO & KILGORE will be free for definitive edition owners. Does it apply only for the digital version of the game or also for the physical owners?

How about Kilgore & Shin Hisako owners? Will we get a refund KI Gold or Bonus Content? Could you @rukizzel clear things up there please?

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I believe when they said free as in when the steam version arrives.
So when you get the steam version, you get these characters for free.


I see no problem with this. They’re earning every frickin’ penny as long as they don’t mess this up.

Yet there was a guy who heard from “anonymous sources” that he’d cost $20 and got really emotional about it and lashed out at everyone, turns out all he had to do was wait lol.

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Wait what? When did this happen? I haven’t been around for awhile so I missed any kind of drama that happened.

They really need to put out an official news post. Way too many questions leading to potential misinformation.

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Like a day or two ago, guy made several unnecessary and inappropriate posts and rants but that’s neither here nor there made for a good laugh though.

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Yes, what they really need to post officially is if CONSOLE buyers get anything free…Im not quite sure if they do. I was under the impression that its only PC Definitive edition buyers that get anything free.

This happens way too often as ppl are constantly spreading mis info on twitch chats, Facebook and twitter. then you have forum members that hear the news from a random post and assume everyone else in the world knows these things and they dont.

Some of the things I read on the Facebook groups are just down right hilarious…SMH

I don’t have the definitive edition but i would like to buy a pack with the new 3 chars I’m missing. IG talked about releasing a pack with them or something?