Eagle gameplay reveal at CEO



What the…?

He shot arrows in the damn air during his Ultra!!!


The way he generally moves and animates still looks weird to me. Maybe I’ll just have to see it in person?


But I don’t see his instinct mode and victory quote.

Hence forth why another breakdown video is coming. I can feel it.


He moves like an Injustice character :joy:
I like the ultra. BTW, will this character be anti Cinder? :grin:
I’ll probably get it anyway. After this, I’m curious about the next patch. We are probably getting to the final patches, right?

I thought Gargos was the anti-Cinder. I guess not lmao! :joy:

I thought the same thing. But he’s probably more anti-Sadira. Sad because I expected to use Gargos vs Cinder. Still feeling more comfortable with my main, but you know that “flying” characters can be annoying for grounded ones n_n


Yeah. Sadira being the absolute worse to deal with in the hands of a great player.


All i can think about watching his gameplay is…“Why did zoners become hot stuff in S3.5??” Kilgore was bad enough, now this guy? lol."

All in all, i can see he’s going to be annoying to deal with. He’s got no shortage of arrows, but it does seem like whiffing them puts them at nearly the opposite corner of the screen. His movement is decent. I don’t think i saw a meter ender used, maybe he doesn’t have one? 2 different types of linkers at least…

The drone is clearly an assist, but not really sure on everything it does. Maybe around 4 different things it can do? It does have something where it crashes into the ground, explodes and causes HELLA knockback on hit.

He’s keep away all day. My early take is that i’m going to not like fighting him with a close range figher.

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Great vid! Animation seems choppy but probably because of the low res video.

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Very cool and awesome display AND gameplay reveal of Eagle :grin:


Let’s just say that this gameplay reveal didn’t do the character justice.

IMO, It was bad. Didn’t show much.

Apparently this is only 1/10 of what the character can do.

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He reminds me of Kung Jin from MKX

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I love that stairstep kick linker.

I don’t really think of Kilgore as a zoner. A lot of his moves advance him towards the opponent greatly.

Not the way I use him.

I can see where that thought comes from. Perhaps just for me personally since i only play one character that specializes in close to mid range, Kilgore is smart (and usually does so) to play back, shoot chain guns and missiles and bait bad approach attempts. It’s not the only way to play him but in my MU, it’s probably the better option.

Besides…after watching IJ2, i’m now convinced anything that shoots bullets is a zoner. :slight_smile:

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