Eagle Customization Predictions

Alright, let’s get this show on the road! Eagle is coming and we’re gonna have plenty of ways to doll them up before battle. This thread is for discussion what he could get and what we wanna see.

We know thanks to @rukizzel that Eagle DOES have a Retro Costume, but also that it is NOT based on the Nintendo Power Comics design, so we get to go nuts with predictions.

His colors will probably be mostly for the colors of the lights on his techno clothes as well as his bird, bow, etc. Bright neon colors against black clothes. I’m guessing there’ll be one of each of the major color variations. Red, blue, green, purple, yellow, orange, white… I’m guessing face paint or other decorations are added pm Color 9.

My guess is that his custom accessories will change his bow and his chest/face. I’m expecting something Fulgore based I’m the mix.

His retro will probably be either Pre-Upgrade or Ultratech based.

The only other piece of hard info we have is that he will get a Gold skin like everyone else.

Alright guys, discuss!

Head Piece

Glad he’s getting a retro but I hope he doesn’t get the half-■■■ treatment like Kilgore and Shinsako did and only get one accessory set.

As for as him retro, I envision it being like the new “accurate” Thunder costume. Probably very authentic and whatnot to their Native roots. Nothing really to write home about visually but still a very classy costume.

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Well, as confirmed that Eagle will gain a “retro skin” but it’s not based directly in the old comics (maybe because of licensing issues? or to be tecnically cultural innacurate?)

(images from Killer Instinct™ Special No. 3 comics)

But even not being directly based, I think that maybe it’s not prevent some features from coming in the retro skin (as coming with a bald variation, etc)

The retro has probably been discussed at length with the Nez Perce. Look toward the recent costume for Thunder for likely possibilities.

Pretty sure the customizations will be as Fwuf said, but I doubt it’ll only be neon colors on dark clothes. I would love to see a white suit with red/black lights, similar to Batman’s Ghost shader in Injustice 2.

I’m interested to see the whip and whether it will customized as well…

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i doubt Eagle will get accessories. Its the most efficient and realistic choice for the developers considering the game is 4 years old and the money simply might not be there for another investment into this version of the game.

I wouldn’t give up on the idea just yet, by that same logic we wouldn’t even be seeing post season 3 content. In fact they’ve gone above and beyond since the season ended and have started adding in more user-requested content as we begged them to do. I think Kilgore and Shin Hisako just got the short end of the accessory stick because they’re rehashed characters and less effort went into their creation.

when I think of post season 3 content, Im thinking about roster expansions like in S2 when characters like Gargos and Tusk came out. Not singular characters.

KI tournaments entrants are rising (both combo breaker and ki cup got a lot of more people participating)

We are growing our playerbase

Pc port is barely one year old

We are getting more content, like ultimates or Omen colors, not to speak about new chars

Xbox arena heavily features Killer Instinct

What can I say, I just see good signals about the game health


correlation never means causation.

Tournament entrants rising might be due to the current popularity of fighting games in general. Not KI’s popularity.

An increase in playerbase number could just as easily be explained by how accessible KI is, not its active player base.

PC port could also explain tournament entrants and playerbase numbers while not representing the games actual popularity. People might be getting KI just cuz.

“More content” is subjective here. Are you talking about a new season for the game or quality of life updates like skins and 1-3 roster additions every 4 months?

I cant say anything about xbox arena since I am on the pc port.

Until more solid information comes out this is all hearsay and confirmation bias. These alternate explanations are just as likely as yours and while I cant say KI is dead (thankfully), saying that the game is in good health is just as dubious.

An almost 4 years old game is getting content, montly. Sometimes, cosmetic, sometimes, new chars, sometimes, nice extras like Ultimates

When Ki launched I expected 2 seasons and falling into oblivion.

After a second season way better than the first, and 1.5 seasons more than my expectations, in a competitive and profit oriented area like videogames, getting more content and keep rising in tournament entries is a good sing for me.

I mean, just look at MKX, a game which was a sales success. Nowadays, its competitive scene is much worse, and they are not getting any new content anymore.

But KI does.

And I’m very happy with that


Notice how after s2, the vast majority of content we’ve been getting ARE cosmetics and extras? Not to knock Shadow Lords mode or anything but thats really the last substantial update that KIs gotten and it was essentially Story ladder mode.

MKX dropping off the face of the Earth is because of Netherrealms tendency to make a new fighting game every 2 years. Everybody from the last game moves on to the next NR game. And you can test this out by looking at Injustice 1, look at how many people stopped playing because they were moving to Injustice 2.

KI has longetivity. I’m not arguing that. KI is an immortal by FG standards. Its still relevant 4 years later while some games despite keeping their playerbase, drop into obscurity, (Soul Calibur 2 for example). But the point Im getting at is, as a game, KI is “complete”. Its WoW after Frozen Throne came out. The show is over.

It just seems like KI is over until the next KI comes out. Eagle might be the last hurrah.

People were all “KI is finished” when Definitive Edition came out. We got 3 characters. For now

Some people seems eager to anticipate KI’s end. I’m happy for all these years enjoying this wonderful game, and my mindset is “enjoy it while it last”, not “anticipate the end because reasons”

Seriously people, enjoy what we have, instead of anticipating “the end”. I don’t see any reason to do the latter

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I thinks we getting 6-9 more characters sold separately and sandwiched with skins and ultimates.

Imo we just got the full game @ definitive edition and now we’re getting the bonus DLC content.

By the way, my guess on personalizable stuff is:

-T-shirt and pants

Retro is more Nez Percé inspired, and the eagle is not mechanical

I hope we could somehow replicate strider with his accessories. He kinda already does with the skin tight shirt looking deal. All he needs is a scarf, mask, and pants with the trademark strider colors


The retro or the accessories could reflect this

Of course Eagle has no adamantium claws or healing factor but it’d be a cool accessory set

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And thats why I think KI is done. We arent getting the expansive seasonal character additions like we did with season 2. Its all, 1-3 new characters here and there.

I sorta thought he’d have something revealing, do to Glacius being pretty exposed himself.