Eagle as the Archer?

Personally the notion of siblings annoys me somehow. I don’t know if thats weird or not. But I was surprised to see that there were so many of the old school KI fans that wanted him. (I thought Fulgore was Eagle myself, but I dunno). What if we knocked 2 birds with one stone? Add Eagle, add him as an archer.


But Eagle’s fighting style is already with Fulgore for the most part. There isn’t an archer at all.


What if they change Eagle’s fighting style?.. I know we don’t know who’s last character in S3, but what if Eagle is last character?

I’d be down with that!

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What do you mean? That Fulgore is Eagle so we shouldn’t add him? That does make sense to me tbh.

Here is the thing. Eagle is fine. He wouldn’t make sense as an archer though. Ultratech used Eagle’s fighting style for Fulgore. Fulgore has nothing archer related. It wouldn’t make sense for Eagle to be an archer.

Yeah, it would be pretty difficult to design a Native American warrior that has lazer eyes and devastation beam type of stuff i guess.

Eagle would be more close ranged based than archer based. You can see from Fulgore’s overhead and forward hp. Also what is it with Eagle anyway? Isn’t Thunder’s whole purpose is to find and bury Eagle’s remains?

It was, until Orchid explained that Eagle is alive. I’m pretty sure Thunder’s now on a mixed mission; recovery or search-and-rescue depending on Eagle’s status when found.

Not that I want Eagle all that much, but I wouldn’t mind him as long as he’s a completely unique character. An archer would actually do just fine for me, and it would suit the character, IMO.

@Sasuke99I I don’t really see how Fulgore can have any basis on anyone’s fighting style at all. He uses pretty standard punches and kicks, nothing particular at all, and everything else is just robot weapons and mechanical stuff. Is it actually stated somewhere official that Fulgore uses Eagle’s fighting style? O_o

I wouldn’t mind that, actually. Could be done really well, if IG is creative enough.

I kinda see Eagle being more so like a cross between Wolverine & Vega.

This is one of those things I didnt know I really, REALLY wanted until now

I think ultratech uses eagle’s fighting knowledge on fulgore, not fighting style. That design is great. He needs a stage :slight_smile:

Eagle FTW

Also shout outs to @AnarchistEsq for calling this 11 months ago.

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