EA seasons owners got DE characters as well?

Hi there,
I am an old Xbox early access player, got all seasons ultra editions (1+2+3) at launch, never bought the definitive edition.
But I think I have full roster all characters unlocked now. Also the four post season 3 characters are unlocked (Shadow Jago, Kilgore, Eagle, Shin Hisako).
They made them free for all ultra seasons owners now or is it because of the Game pass (I have an ultimate game pass account)?
Do I need to buy the Defintive edition to unlock them once and for all or I already own them because of my past 3 ultra seasons purchases?
Thank you


My expectation would be because you have Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, as the full game and roster is available via that.

To the best of my knowledge, the post-launch characters were not made free; someone can correct me if I’m mistaken.

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Thank you for your reply. I found a thread on another forum and it happened to someone else. I am not completely sure. Maybe they made them free to all seasons owners after sometimes?
It happened to MK XL for some special skins.

I think that’s what happened tbh. I definitely never bought Kilgore or any of the S3 extra chars and definitely never bought the DE, but wound up with them anyway :man_shrugging. :t5:


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