Dunno what to do about people that just keeps jumping and killing me

So this guy with tusk he just keeps jumping and kicking well nothing I can do with orchid. I have a qanba q1 fightstick but I won’t get the uppercut in this game for some reason.

All she does is trip. Is this game probably better played with a pad?

I can get uppercuts in practice mode but not when in battle no idea why is a stick bad for this game? I can’t get it from the left side screen but again I can get it in practice mode just not when playing online.

Practice Practice Practice.

In this game, Grounded hits have more priority over air hits, so Anti-Airing is ALWAYS an option.

Just keep practicing that move. You are probably pressing the button too early.

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If you’re having problem doing the uppecut motion you can always use down+HP as an anti-air. Orchid has one of the better ones of those. Also, if you know they’re going to jump then you can pre-emptively jump up with them and air grab them for a combo.

yeah tusk has this impossible to counter chop or kick in the air. So can’t reach close enough to grab him.

On the plus side I picked Shadow Jago and I owned him so easily. He beat me easily with arbiter after though.

And I beat his arbiter with shadow jago I am level 9 he is 50.

Nice this character was really worth it if u see how impossible it is for these guys to counter shago, I see why rico suave won now. And I don’t even know how to do a single combo with shago

Rico Suave won because he is the best KI player out there. Shago is great don’t get me wrong but he can be shut out of you know him well enough.

I assure you, your level 9 Shago won’t match my Jago. I’m sure that your opponent is just bad against him so naturally that’s his bad matchup. My bad matchup is against Maya or Glacius.

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