Dummy Training Options


If you’ve played Skullgirls and Street Fighter V then I don’t need to tell you that the Dummy Training Options are strangely terrible…

The keyword being “Strangely” because this game is chock full of some they best, well designed Features… you got the Best Tutorial Mode in all of Fighting Games, 2nd only to Skullgirls. Shadow Lab allows for way more practical training that fighting the CPU just doesn’t provide and a dedicated combo breaker training section complete with adjustable behaviors allowing players to focus on specific types of breaks.

Practice mode is actually no different, You got visible Hitboxes, Framedata, customizable Meters and Guages and a bunch of other stuff.

But the Features specific to the Dummy are so bare bones not just by KI Standards but even by the of other Fighting Games too… you can’t get the dummy to perform anything other than Block, Crouch or Jump… & Quick Rise.

If we ■■■■■ & moan Hard enough do you think they’l expand on it ? Or should I start looking for a human being to be my Dummy’s Stand in ?


KI definitely shows its age in its dummy options. I think its suite of options was fairly comparable to the training options of its contemporaries back in 2013, but without updates it’s pretty outdated now.

If you need to get a complicated reaction then you’ll usually need to use the record option. If you have to test reversal-tight pressure or the like, then you’re likely best off recording the dummy doing your setup, and then using you own character to try and get out and see what your options are.

Also, by default the dummy will block all resets and frame trappy kinds of things. Knowing that can be useful for practicing certain things.


Thanks Storm… lol when I first entered training mode I was 90% sure more complex dummy options had to be around there somewhere butvi just couldn’t find them. Its very disappointing finding out how wrong I was.

But I’m not deterred. I love KI so this is just minor hiccup.

Plus I’m spending the Holidays with my Cousin and I reckon will be spending alot of time in Training.


Cool beans. If you want and help or advice in taking advantage of what options are there, definitely just ask! Glad you’re enjoying KI :slight_smile:


This forum has hosted many threads asking for an online training option and updates to the dojo, training and other practice features. I just think that the tutorial and practice modes were part of the project plan for season 1 and not included in any of the Season 2/3 updates. I’d love to think we could get some improvements in the future but they seem like they are struggling to implement bug fixes at this point. So I’m not holding my breath.


In that Case… We could sort of cobble together any recording techniques that compensate for the missing Options.

I know of maybe one or two…

I’l make a note of the others as I discover them.