Dummy Falling after 12-14 hit combo

Now I may be late to the party, but I am a die hard fan of KI. I love the originals too.

I love Fulgore and I love his move set. QCF and QCB and I came from SF and this is what I enjoy.

So my title, I am in practice mode, I am doing the the combo’s and the most I get is 14 his doing a simple l, m or h attack, then any auto double, then the linker auto double linker before the dummy falls, then reset. I am not doing the same combo starter again and again, but trying different moves from the command list and then string them into combos.

What I am trying to do is to extend my combo’s without the shadow attacks, without the dummy falling and without me messing up.

Question is how can I maintain the flow of combos without shadow moves or do I have input the shadow moves before my combos can extend and finish off?

When I got this game, last month I learned a lot from me playing and practising. I even look online for tips as well. I just want to get better.

Oh FFS i played matches online and I got people quit mid match.


P.S Just achieved 50 Ultra combo, I am proud. Now gonna extend that to 70.


That’s awesome congratulations on your combo!!

Hey welcome to the forum! I would answer you but there’s so many better people who will provide you a response based on much more experience with FG. I’m actually not sure if he has a recapture or a way to extend outside of instinct?

I’m pretty new myself I’ve been playing a little bit less than 6 months but I’ll tag some people who have been helpful on this forum to me…

@Jaranowska @justathereptile @WebNRagnarok all check into this forum somewhat frequently and provide great input.

@IronFlame has helped me out quite a bit as well and provide some of the best written responses I’ve seen on this forum.

Anything by Nikki fcg on YouTube is top tier related to Fulgore.

Lastly have you seen the Infil guide? It honestly has everything you’d ever need to know about the game and More in there.

There’s only so many moves you can do in a combo before it causes a “flipout” (the opponent will just fall out of your combo). What determines the length of your combo is the “KV Meter”, a bar that slowly builds while you’re doing a combo (different moves add more or less to that meter). A shadow move used as a linker in a combo adds nothing to the KV meter though.

The basic combo structure is:
starter move — autodouble — ender
starter move — autodouble — linker — autodouble — ender

Usually, any special move acts as an ender. An ender allows you to do more damage (the white part of the health bar will be removed).
You can check out this useful guide: https://ki.infil.net/

Hey Dude,

Thanks for your input, so it was the KV meter after all. I wish it wasn’t put in there, but oh well. I guess I will have to rely on the shadow moves then.
I’ll keep on learning Fulgore. Hell I forgot how hard KI and KI2/Gold was/is compared to this LMAO.


Thanks for commenting and thanks for tagging some users in. I will ask q’s to them moving >'s

No I havent seen the infil guide but will take a look.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the strength of the Auto builds less meter. Heavy auto-doubles and heavy linkers build the least KV meter, but our consequently easier to break. Light Autos and LIGHT Linkers build the most KV, but are harder to break.

If you are using a lot of lights in your combos, they will be shorter and or blow out.

Ahh I see. Thank you.