It’s no secret that I think this character is as dumb today as he was when he released. We talk about fundamentals, risks, & rewards etc. but yet, we can simply throw all of that away by simply picking Eyedol. Everyone I play against that uses him genuinely has no sense of fundamentals. They don’t block or think. They just kind of get away with doing ‘stuff’; & IT WORKS!! So naturally as I’ve labbed against him I’ve began to understand what makes him so good, however, I have yet to find the answers for his dumbness (Uniquely suspect gimmicks that are actually not broken). What’s a proper way to train against the madness?



DP>Stomp more.

Chula OUT!


Play Eyedol players who don’t suck or lack fundamentals. I’d recommend Arcanine, Charbok, and @deltarayquaza.

Also, don’t mistake disrespect for “dumbness”. Eyedol can play extremely disrespectfully (as can any character with a DP), but he gets dunked pretty hard if you call him out on it. Which Thunder is fully capable of doing - he’s got a ton of safe jump setups that shut down reversals.


Gonna have to ask for specifics on the “dumbness” or the stuff he does that “just works” if you want suggestions for how to beat it.

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Full screen lightening to teleport, or full screen overheads when he’s in mage stance. I can’t seem to get the ball of my fightstick in position to block low or high fast enough to deal with it. Overall I just fell like that gimmick is pretty dumb considering it’s a bit degenerate. What’s the risk for teleporting anyway?

The fact that it’s horribly, horribly negative on block? :confused:

If you’re getting hit with full screen low lightning and overhead meteors then I hate to tell you, but that’s on you. Especially as Thunder, who can cross the screen and punish those kinds of things better than any grappler in any game that I’m aware of. Just block low by default and react to the meteor overhead. Or sammamish on reaction to Eyedol doing things full screen.


Teleport is like -30 on block and can also be avoided by neutral jumps and stuff. Full screen mage zoning is good but far from unblockable. Like most things, just block low since the lightning is too fast to react, then change to high block if you see meteor. You can also fuzzy block both lightning and meteor as soon as you see Eyedol wind up for anything (ie, block low, then switch to high block 15-20 frames later no matter what, and you will always block both). Or zerg rush Mage form if you have ways around it like Thunder does. He has to be super on point to stop a madman, with slow anti-airs (not counting shadow bolt) and no walk speed, and doesn’t do much damage if he succeeds.

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But your Thunder DP stomp shenanigans into juggles is perfectly ok compared to Eyedols tools?

I disagree… Id rather fight Eyedol any day.

I never made a comparison, so I’m not exactly sure what you’re getting at. Thunder’s DP shenanigans are stuff worthy; Eyedol’s are not. I can’t wake up dp nor is my dp a meterless reversal, & thats fine. The dp isn’t what I’m getting at. It’s the overall stoppage of the character of doing ‘stuff’. I’ll figure it out.

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vs Eyedol you have clear ways to get around his offense up close or from a distance. The only difficult part is switching you counter strategy fast enough