Dumb Dummy

So, I visited the dojo to see if I could find any new OS for my guy per character basis. Why is the dummy recording so God awful? I do one thing, IT does another. Is there a trick to it? There has to be some kind of work around… right? Record and Playback should be crazy simple… I want to level up… but training mode won’t let me.

The dummy does exactly what you do, so know you’re inputs and what you are trying to do before you do it in the recording. Also, do something like a quick punch or kick then count to 1 or 2, then perform the actions you want to help you get ready and anticipate the computer.

Other than that, it’s hard to know where the real problem lies within more information, like who is the p1 and p2 characters, and what are you wanting the opponent to do, or what are you trying to test.

Care to give a more specific example of what it’s doing wrong? I’ve never had any issues getting it to do exactly what I want outside of not being able to make player 1 block when recording.

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I’m using my main as the dummy. I’m going for set play set ups that are capable of converting to OS. The OS are contingent upon the motions I make as the opposition. Back dashing, safe jumping, forward dashing etc. It a bit difficult to test with the inconsistencies of the dummy. Maybe the count down thing is a good idea… but even then I still see that the dummy is doing things that I am not doing… Like… random taunting, neutral inputs, random specials, etc.

Video of what’s going on would be extremely helpful. Can’t say I’ve had these sort of issues myself, so I’d need to see an example.

Well, here’s the thing. The game engine is gonna play out every command you input. However, depending on what happens on screen, like a special move or a normal move animation, inputs made while the special animations are playing out are gonna get ignored because it can’t play one stored input while one is already in effect, though I’m guessing you probably knew that. However, if you do a long string of commands and he’s doing some weird stuff you don’t know why, it’s most likely you hit some extra buttons during the recording and based on the timing and how he plays out the animations and things, he’s doing commands you didn’t know you even recorded.

Basically I think your problem is this:

I’m guessing you are using the standard Xbox One controller to play, and when you are doing your recording, your special inputs aren’t perfect, and you accidentally hit buttons you didn’t know you did, and when you try to block, backdash, etc., these button presses you didn’t know you made are sometimes playing out. The random taunting you mentioned sounds like when you hit the motion on the controller for a special move, your thumb grazed the taunt button for a second for an input, and on some of your options you are testing, the dummy plays it back.

I would recommend turning on button inputs in the options to see when you do the recording, or the dummy plays it back, what your EXACT inputs are, and if you are accidentally hitting some extra commands in your dummy recording. You may be trying to go so fast that you’re pressing extra buttons, and these inputs are stored and causing random scenarios under various conditions.

Hope that helps a little, and like @Fwufikins said, a little video would help.

I’ve never had any issues with the dummy doing intended sequences. OS’s aren’t the easiest things to test with it, but neither is it especially difficult.

Do a quick teabag before you start your offensive sequence. Depending on what happens the sequence may get skewed and “random” things come out (because of a change in game state conditions), but you’ll be able to use the teabag as a confirmation that the loop is starting over so that you know when the recording has finally looped.

I actually using a MadCatz TE2 Stick. I’ve been using the stick since season 2. I’ll try to get a video. Not exactly sure how to upload videos on here anymore. The site I used to use no longer allows forum pasting options for some odd reason.

Well, I think there might be a straight to youtube feature or something on the Xbox One video editor…I think.

I use an Elgato game capture device to do gameplay analysis, though that’s an admittedly more expensive option, but handy if you got it.

Just record using the Xbox record feature and then link your profile on the Xbox website, we can see all your recorded clips on there.