Duke Nukem movie

Hey, I just heard that Paramount is in talks to make a Duke Nukem movie. And apparently John Cena might be Duke. Supposedly Michael Bay might be directing as well.

If you ask me, I don’t think they could have got a better director for a DN movie. And Cena certainly looks the part.

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Oh no Lmao. I hope it doesn’t take…forever…for it to come out.

I’ll see my way out. :sweat_smile:


I’m both incredibly disappointed this exists and really excited to see it at the same time.

On the one hand, video game movies are basically universally awful.

On the other hand this looks like it could be the most gloriously dumb movie and it knows it so that alone could make it worth a watch. :joy:

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Honestly, I hope it doesn’t turn into a parody of itself. I mean nowadays it would be easy to make a movie that essentially pokes fun at everything everyone ever thought was awesome about Duke. I honestly hope the action is well-planned out and the humor is as well. I don’t want to see Duke constantly saying some Duke-ish line or do some Duke-ish thing and have supporting characters constantly groan and facepalm around him because it was a completely dumb thing to say or do.

I want to see him say stuff like “little pig little pig let me in, or I’ll huff, and I’ll puff, and I’ll kick your @ss in!!!” right before he fires a grenade at a door, blows it up, and proceeds to kill all the aliens & pigs inside in the most awesome Bay-splosion way possible.

This is gonna flop just like the newer games did. I have absolutely no faith in this production at all. Especially not with John Cena in the main role.

I don’t think anybody in entertainment industry right now understands what made Duke Nukem awesome in 1996.

He was pretty much a typical 90’s teen male’s power fantasy personified. Duke’s not really a hard concept to get.

But he’s admittedly hard to portray right nowadays. The last time I saw Duke in Forever, I felt embarrassed on how outdated he became. Plus if the reports become true, I don’t have high hopes for Plantium Dunes to do him justice since they don’t have an impressive body of work. So who knows at this point.

I honestly don’t really feel he’s outdated per-se, so much as there were elements of him that were immature the whole time. Like I said, he’s a typical 90’s teen’s power fantasy, and as with most teen ideas they think that immature stuff like oogling over boobies is what mature adults do. Now they’re all grown, yet DNF still tried to pander to its original audience in the same way it always had, only the jokes fell flat because they saw the immaturity for what it really was.

The only thing I can think that they would really need to do to make him not seem so dated is either limit or remove the immature women objectifying stuff like slapping alien wall ■■■■■ and instead focus on witty one-liners, blowing sh*t up, and looking cool doing it.

I’m really skeptical about this and I really don’t want to be that guy but I don’t think Duke is “PC” enough to be in a live-action movie. He’s a bit dated and in order to keep up with the times they’d probably have to sacrifice his core elements, and if not done right it just won’t be Duke. Who knows though this may just be the first video game based movie that won’t flop.

I know I keep chiming in, but Deadpool wasn’t exactly a PC movie either, and look how well it did. Honestly I see a Duke movie to be kinda a cross between Deadpool and the Expendables, both of which worked very well with their respective audiences, but that’s just me.

Every time I here that they’re planning to make a new movie… it winds up in Preproduction Limbo.

As a General Rule… theres nothing to get excited about until theres a Trailer.

And you know what… probably not a bad idea to apply this to games except even trailers are unreliable. Rather wait for the Demo.