Drew from Scalebound as guest character

To get an idea of how he fights look here:

He can fight using a sword and shield, And his Dragon mode is asking to be instinct.

Your thoughts?


Tbh. It seems cool in hindsight. However there are an amalgam of reasons why I can’t see him being a guest.

  1. this is a new IP from a third party developer. The success of this game and it’s grand is uncertain because it hasn’t released.

  2. will rpg character mechanics converge to a fighting game? (I believe they can do it, they did it with halo and GoW characters).

  3. will ppl want MORE guest characters?

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No more guest characters.

KI will become Xbox All-Stars if they keep putting in all these guest characters. It’s already well on its way.


Sabrewulf had his own game before he was in KI. Does that make him a guest character? Just a fun question.


I wouldn’t consider him a guest character, no, because he was remade to be part of the KI canon from the very first game.

A guest character is a character that visits another franchise, but isn’t considered canon. Sabrewulf is canon though.


What if in the future they take the ryu hayabusa (DOA) or Sonic the hedgehog (SSB) route?

Ryu Hayabusa is like Sabrewulf in this instance. He was part of DOA since the first game and was canon from the very start. Ninja Gaiden is canon with DOA lore, as also seen with Kasumi and Ayane being in Ninja Gaiden games.

Super Smash Bros is just a party clash brawler with alot of characters from several Nintendo (and other) franchises. It doesn’t have any serious or canon lore, just like it doesn’t affect the respective franchises’ lore of those who appear in Smash.

If they were to make an Xbox All-Stars game with a clash of several Xbox franchises, then I see no problem with it at all.


Love this idea, and also suggested this in the survey, I think will be nice for Scalebound marketing

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If you don’t like guest characters it doesn’t matter to you which guest character is being discussed. While that’s fine, it doesn’t add much.

I’m not sure how I feel about Scalebound as a game, but from a marketing standpoint I think it makes good sense. I think it would be very technically challenging to implement the dragon, but stranger things have happened I suppose.


Considering that the Sabrewulf in Sabrewulf was just a large blue wolf, his appearance in Rare’s KI game was a nod by Rare for a previous success.

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I say we see how scalebound does first before we start doing stuff like this. That being said, he has my attention.

It has been done before with Cloud in Smash Brothers, can’t be too much of a leap to the same here.

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Yeah, this is true. The hero of that game was “Sabreman” and it is a very basic game (that you can play on Rare Replay!TM). But I think it highlights the disparity between the way some of the KI fans think about the lore and the seriousness of the universe and the way the developers, starting with Rare in 1994 and straight through to MS now, think about the game. I don’t think the people at Rare who stuck Sabrewulf in their game and first made Eyedol would be against including guest characters because they “wasted” space that could be used by “real” characters that were part of the KI lore. That doesn’t mean they don’t invest in trying to put together an entertaining story - but people act like this is Citizen Kane territory. It’s all meant to be taken a little tongue in cheek.

I think that’s the broader point that @DulXboxOne is trying to suggest here.

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You are very good at perception. That’s exactly what I was getting at. It’s not too far off a stretch for rash to stick in this game if fans want to see a sequel and they write him in the canon lore.

The only challenging thing would be implementing Thuban the dragon. He is so large, he would clip through some stage props.

Maybe Drew’s intro could have him jump off Thuban from the sky and land on the stage.

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No… he is a character owned by Rare and then redesigned for KI. Not a guest. But you know this already.

*** Im not a fan of Scalebound or the idea of him becoming a character in KI. I wasnt impressed by the game play demo at E3. It just seemed a little bit too much. Very …ehhh… not smooth.

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What if this became the case for other rare IP characters:

I’m against having more guests, but I’ve been wanting a fighter with a pet assist in KI since Season 2.

Please noooooooo! I dont know much about the other Rare characters but I do know most are very cartoonish… I hope this doesnt ever happen.

We need spawn in this game iron galaxy it could be awesome

With the unfortunate news of Scalebounds cancellation. I wonder how this effects Drew’s inclusion as a character? Does Microsoft not want anything to do with the IP anymore or can we still see him as a playable character in KI?

I have doubts now that he could be in Season 4 or beyond, but there are still two characters yet to be unveiled post season 3.

Also, I wonder what Kamiya thinks of KI? Is he a fan of fighting games? Would he be welcome to having a character he has worked on transition to a 2D plane? After seeing what MS/IG have done for Rash, I wouldn’t worry about them messing up an original character.

I would LOVE to see Drew and Thuban still.