Dragon kicks change up

Just had a thought while playing Kim wu what if you could change her dragon kick angles .peep this you use a hk dragon kick and at the peak of the kick you press down an hk an instead going over it angles like shadow jago’s kick. Imagine the setup an whiff potential and each button has a different angle when pressed with down on the stick .hit me back with any thoughts

That’d be bloody annoying. Perhaps even more annoying than Shago divekicks - which is really saying something. :unamused:

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But a nice mix up as of right now the dragon kick is useless unless you have dragons

It’s use is as a nearly full screen whiff punish or anti-air. It fulfills this role nicely.

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This would be a horrible idea =S IMO, we don’t need gimmicks like these introduced randomly into the game. It’s enough to have shago.

Also, dragon kicks are far from useless. They’re a damn good anti air, a good conversion tool off of dragon cannons, and good space control tools when you have dragons. They’re doing exactly what they’re meant to. You’re not supposed to fly around the screen, happily spamming them and getting auto mixup shenannigans.

I get but u need something if you are playing a gd argonos player to get in

Not spamable but at the cost of a dragon

Well, Aganos is a hard fight for her. The thing is, it’s supposed to be. Some match-ups suck in fighting games; that’s ok. That tool would be really, really good in virtually all Kim Wu MU’s, which isn’t something she needs in those fights as it stands.

It’s not a good idea to give characters crazy tools to help out in a single fight, because crazy tools tend to be useful in a lot more contexts than just that one condition you were looking to solve. Characters’ tools have to be balanced across the entire cast, and that means that sometimes you’re going to wind up with a few fights that might wind up being kind of tough.