Dragon Grasp in-combo

What exactly is the point of using the grab in a combo? I see lots of people do it and I just don’t have the slightest clue why. I mean, I will use it to put the opponent back in the corner, but other than that one reason I don’t know why you would do this.

I must be missing something because I see lots of people using it multiple times in the same combo sometimes. The only reason I can see for that is if you think your opponent is dumb enough to try and combo break it so that you can fish a lockout. But even then you will waste a bunch of KV pulling this move that the lockout will pay for itself.

Easy manuals, like Thunders grab.


As @Crainiak24 said you use it for the manuals after, you don’t need to do a heavy linker in order to do a heavy manual with her, you just have to do the dragon grasp and boom. Your manuals become even more unpredictable. It is a very powerful tool when used correctly.

You’re on ki too now? Is your GT the same?

Um it depends, do you know me on ps4 or Xbox 360? I’m not even going to lie I’m not entirely sure who you are

Well depending on which character you play, you can set up a new vortex by using the throw as a reset and avoid a combo breaker during your first combo.

I would totally do that with Arbiter

I use dragon grasp mid-combo mainly as a reset opportunity. Dragon grasp->delayed cr.MK is a reset, or at worst another manual. Once they start blocking it, you can sometimes transition into dragon grasp->delayed light dragon dance for the overhead reset.

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I’ve seen you on tym and added you on ps4 but we never played.

Seems to add a lot to the kv doesn’t seem worth it

Oh, my bad, I try and play with everyone on my friends list when I am online so I guess we were never online at the same time. Well my GT on KI is MrProfDrPepper