DP shortcut?

Coming from SF5 and SF4 which are super lenient with their motions. I’m on a Hitbox and doing DPs in the SF games is as easy as tapping F,D,F,P or 626P in anime notation. That doesn’t work in KI. Do I really need to do 623P or is there a shortcut? 623 doesn’t flow that easily in the hitbox for some reason.

I’ve been playing SF since I could go to the arcade by myself, the inputs in KI seem to work just fine as they have in every other game that uses the same motion. I’ve always done the full motion, never thought to need a shortcut. D:

You can hold down and double tap forward. Still pretty awkward though, much more stick friendly shortcut.

You can also hold DF, then do D,DF. Or if you’re really aggressive on the gate, you can hit the corners by holding DF, then doing D,DB,D,DF and still get a DP.

That doesn’t work in my hitbox, though.

Okay, for me it works F,QCF+P
Sort of like doing a fireball but with F beforehand.

Yep, that’s how I do it. :wink:

I know this is hella old, but I too play on hitbox. I also just got back into KI. Someone suggested holding d then tapping f f then your punch. This works perfectly