Double Ultra sound removed

Did they remove the hype ■■■ ultra soundclip?
Will they bring it back?

Im glad you mentioned that. I rhought it was my imagination.

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The devs have noted that this is a bug. They are working to fix it ASAP.


the anouncer on NEW doesn’t say ULTRAAAA anymore when you perform a double ultra.
Just says Ultra Combooo.

Glad I wasn’t the only one who noticed it. I’d love to hear it again.

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Yes this needs to be fixed asap

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I hope because it gives me more of a reason to do doubles, and it just sounds amazing

How do you know this, because it seems that this is never mentioned anywhere except for right now.
Please halp

So is this a bug? or they removed it just to do it?

There was another thread about this and the sound guys are working on it.

I do totally believe you, but if you can send me a link to the other thread to confirm that would be cool.
If you cant that’s okay, still love you

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Thanks so much dude